Why Choose a Rest Assured Mattress?

Are you familiar with the Rest Assured brand of quality mattresses? If not, now may be the perfect time to learn what distinguishes this company from the rest of the competition.

Long a favourite of British consumers, Rest Assured is perhaps best recognised for its quality products offered at an affordable price. Their popularity continues to grow as they keep enhancing the technology of their production methods to utilise the latest industry advances.

Here are some good reasons to check out the Rest Assured mattresses offered at Mattress Man.

History and Experience

Rest Assured has been in the business of manufacturing beds since 1898 – well over a century. In all that time, they have perfected the art of creating mattresses that offer the ultimate in support and comfort.

Quality Construction

Rest Assured constructs their mattresses with a unique coil system. Each coil is individually wrapped in a sleeve of cloth which allows it to move as needed, yet keeps the tension exactly as specified. This allows the mattress to respond to your every movement, and adjust as your position does. Every bed contains hundreds of these pocket springs placed below thick layers of fibre.

Varying degrees of firmness are supported by the appropriate spring tension. Combined with just the right depth and density of fillings, this unique construction results in a luxuriously comfortable sleep experience. Whether you desire a very firm or a more soft support for your back, Rest Assured can provide exactly what you want.


The mattresses from Rest Assured are manufactured with their exclusive ‘no turn’ technology that relies on the advanced filling fibres. Because they do not settle as normal materials do, you will only have to turn your mattress to exchange the head and feet edges and will never have to flip it over.

Hand-Tufted Covers

Very few companies practise hand-tufting of their mattresses any longer but Rest Assured does. This traditional method ensures that the layers of upholstery stay exactly where they should and that the mattress will hold up to years of use. In the case that a tuft should break, it can easily be replaced so that your mattress continues to provide years of comfort and support.

Additionally, Rest Assured offers a five year warranty in the case of material or workmanship defect. Mattress Man stands behind this warranty and will gladly provide service for your mattress should it be necessary.

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