The Restapocket Mattress Range

The Rest Assured Company’s Restapocket line of mattresses are some of the most popular offered. That is because they include fine quality features at a very reasonable price, making them a great option for any bedroom.

All of the Restapocket mattresses feature a large number of coils, layers of fluffy filling, and hand-tufted upholstery.

You can’t go wrong choosing any of the these beds for your home, but to help you decide, the following is a brief overview of three of the most popular Rest Assured mattresses on the market: the Restapocket 800, Restapocket 1400 Memory, and Restapocket Ortho 1400.

The Restapocket 800

Rest Assured’s Restapocket 800 is a pocket spring mattress utilising the company’s signature individually cotton wrapped coils. With this unique technology, the coils stay put to retain their original tension, yet they respond well to the pressure from any point and adjust with each movement from the sleeper. This provides superior orthopaedic support for any sleeper, no matter their preferred position. Filling the mattress are generous layers of hand-tufted fibres making for a comfortably plush sleeping surface.

The Restapocket 800 from Rest Assured is a fine quality mattress that can be used in any room of the home. It is offered with a five year manufacturer’s warranty and a one year satisfaction guarantee.

Restapocket 1400 Memory

The Restapocket 1400 Memory Mattress from Rest Assured is a step up from the Restapocket 800 in terms of support and quality. Along with the company’s trademark spring system it utilises modern memory foam material to provide the ultimately comfortable, conformable sleeping surface.

In the king size version of the Restapocket 1400 Memory mattress, there are 1,400 pocket springs to provide support along with a full 20 mm of visco elastic, or memory foam. With pocket spring support and sumptuous memory foam, this mattress combines the best of both worlds. It never needs to be turned and comes with the manufacturer’s full five-year warranty against defects. This is one mattress that is perfect for any sleeper and for any room – but you’ll certainly want to add it your own bedroom.

Restapocket Ortho 1400

The Restapocket Ortho 1400 is a good choice for anyone with back problems. It provides a great value with its Rest Assured signature orthopaedic support system offered at an affordable price.

In the king-sized mattress there are 1,400 individually encased pocket springs calibrated to the perfect tension for providing ultimate neck and spine support. This signature Rest Assured coil technology ensures the mattress will conform and respond to the sleeper’s body relieve pressure point stress that causes aches and pains.

The Restapocket Ortho 1400 sports the company’s trademark hand-tufted cover and generous layers of responsive fibre fillings all covered with beautiful, soft upholstery.

When it comes to providing comfortable, supportive mattresses in a wide range of prices and styles, Rest Assured is the company that provides the greatest value.

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