The Most Popular Hypnos Mattresses

Hypnos is known globally for the extreme luxury and handcrafted attention to detail of its mattresses. In fact, the company slogan is “The most comfortable beds in the world”. More than just a catchy tag line, this truly exemplifies the business and its long heritage of providing the best night’s sleep to both the Royal Family and a host of five-star hotels.

Hypnos MattressesOf course, superior quality does cost more. The old adage that you get what you pay for is almost always true.

However, if you think you will not be able to afford a Hypnos mattress for your bed, think again, as many of the most popular models are available at extremely low prices.

Take a look at some of their Hypnos top sellers.

The Evesham

The Hypnos Evesham model is a good, all-purpose mattress which still includes the manufacturer’s fine details and excellent craftsmanship. It features 1,204 pocket springs in the king-size mattress, a fine blend of viscose and polyester hand-tufted cover, cotton filling, trademark air vents, and sturdy handles.

Because the Evesham is compliant with British Standards, this mattress is often used in commercial facilities such as hotels, managed care facilities, retirement homes, etc.

The Baronet

The Hypnos Baronet is a distant second favourite to them Evesham model above, primarily because it is significantly more expensive. It is a very comfortable (medium firmness) hypoallergenic mattress, worth considering if your budget is significant.

The Platinum

Hypnos Platinum is the next most popular mattress model from Hypnos. It contains more springs than the Evesham and features luxury materials in the filling (lambswool, cotton, and memory foam). The border is hand stitched and of course, the cover is hand-tufted, as are all beds manufactured by Hypnos.

There a couple features unique to the Platinum model. This mattress never needs to be turned and its pocket springs are heat treated, adding to both its convenience and comfort. A five-year warranty protects you from experiencing any defaults with the mattress.

The Heritage Superbe

The Heritage Superbe model is the most luxurious mattress amongst the most popular of those offered by Hypnos. It contains a numerous 1,634 springs in a king-size bed and measures in at a 27.9 cm depth. It is filled with luxurious lambswool, cotton, cashmere, and silk and features a feel-good damask cover.

The quality of workmanship on this mattress is beyond compare with other manufacturers. Hand stitching, extra border stitching for extra support, and reinforced, easy-turn handles all contribute to its superior construction. This mattress also comes with a five year warranty.

These mattresses start at just under £300 pounds, making them much more affordable than you may have thought. So go ahead, try out a Hypnos mattress on your bed today and see what you’ve been missing.

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