Snuggle Tuft Mattress

When it comes to beds, it is of the utmost importance to sleep on one that leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed when you awake. Whilst most of us know the benefits of a new, modern mattress on our beds, very few of us practice what we preach.

We may be inclined to put off the purchase, reasoning that our old bed is perfectly fine, even though we awaken with aches and pains after a night of tossing and turning. We may think we simply cannot afford a new mattress. But when it comes to your health, can you truly afford not to promote it with a good night’s sleep?


Every Snuggle Tuft mattress comes with free next day delivery as standard. Start by selecting the mattress size that you require:



Firmness: Soft to Medium
Single Mattress Cost: From £139.00
Flipping Required: Yes
Contains Memory Foam: No

With the introduction of the Snuggle bedding company into the UK, there are few, if any, excuses you can come up with not to buy a new mattress for your bed. They make a quality product, yet offer it at a very reasonable price.

One of their best selling mattresses is the Tuft. Economical, yet well-made, the Tuft mattress may be just the right one for your next purchase.

About the Tuft Mattress

What will you find in a Snuggle Tuft mattress? A lot of mattress for your money.

Providing support to this mattress are open coil springs, or Bonnell units. These are the most common types of springs, also referred to as cage springs because they are encased. This provides a soft to medium tension for the sleeper.

Surrounding the spring unit are layers of luxury white fillings. These manmade fibres are soft and fluffy and covered by beautifully silky damask fabric upholstery that is hand tufted. This mattress is a full 24 centimetres deep, making for a truly great night’s sleep.

The Snuggle Tuft mattress is ideal for any type of base, from divan to under bed storage units. It is a great addition to a guest room, a caravan, or a child’s bedroom. The Tuft comes in a variety of sizes, from small single up to king sized.

But perhaps the best feature of this mattress is its amazingly low price. You will truly be astounded at how cheaply this bed sells when considering its quality. It is also backed by a one year manufacturer’s guarantee of satisfaction.

Stop making excuses why you have not yet replaced that old bed of yours. With the affordable quality of a Snuggle Tuft mattress, there is truly no reason why you should not be sleeping on a new bed tonight.

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