Snuggle Eco Mattress

If you are looking for the perfect mattress for a child’s bedroom or for occasional guests the Snuggle Eco mattress will meet your needs perfectly.

Get the Eco Mattress from Snuggle Beds in any one of 5 sizes, including a small single mattress if you’re short of space:


Firmness: Soft
Single Mattress Cost: From £49.00
Flipping Required: Yes
Contains Memory Foam: No

It is a mattress that offers a soft level of comfort and is very reasonably priced – even up to the king sized option. The depth of the mattress is a generous 16 cm and the micro-quilted cover makes it feel soft and luxurious whenever it is being used.

The mattress itself is cage sprung which helped it to be incredibly responsive when any weight is placed upon it. Cage springs will stay in place and will give the mattress a feeling of ‘bounce’ which is something that children respond well to.

So even though it offers a soft level of comfort it still supports the body from head to toe. Good support is essential when using a mattress and if you are buying this mattress for a child it is a good one to start with thanks to its softness.

Key Features of the Snuggle Eco Mattress

  • The Eco mattress is a very affordable mattress that has lots of quality features.
  • Contains an open coil spring system which is made even more comfortable with soft fillings.
  • The fillings of the mattress are hypoallergenic so it can be used by allergy sufferers.
  • The mattress is double sided for turning.
  • Mattress offers a soft level of comfort which means that it is perfect for children or guests.
  • The mattress is covered in micro quilted fabric and is 16 cm deep.

Inside the mattress there are soft fibre fillings which make it feel even more comfortable and wonderful to sleep on. These fillings are also hypoallergenic so anyone who suffers from allergies can use this mattress without any problems. This is often a key concern for many parents of children who suffer from allergies as they worry about their child getting a good night sleep.

Snuggle EcoTo keep the mattress in excellent condition it can be turned on a regular basis. To help with this it is double sided and as it is quite lightweight it is easy to turn every few months.

Add to this the fact that this mattress has a one-year guarantee and you can see why it is so popular with people looking for a good quality economy mattress.

Choose this mattress if you are moving your child from a cot into a single bed for the ultimate in comfort.

User Reviews

  1. A decent mattress. Not the best but it’s just so cheap – perfect for our spare room.

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