Snuggle Charcool Gold Mattress

Lots of people have a problem with being too hot during the night and this is where this Snuggle mattress can be so helpful.


Firmness: Medium
Single Mattress Cost: From £299.00
Flipping Required: No
Contains Memory Foam: Yes

The Charcool Gold is a mattress that offers a medium level of comfort and is known for its ability to keep you cool throughout the night.

To do this the mattress is made from a 10 cm layer of CharCOOL memory foam which is highly responsive and will keep you cool throughout the night. Memory foam will change shape to fit an individual’s body and relieve pressure at the same time.

With free next day delivery the CharCOOL Gold mattress is also a very convenient purchase:

CharCOOL memory foam takes these properties one step further. It can actually encourage the blood circulation and is known to reduce fatigue.

Snuggle CharCOOL GoldThis means that when you sleep on the Snuggle Charcool Gold mattress you will wake up each morning feeling as though you have had the best nights sleep ever. You will be ready to tackle whatever day has to throw you and you will feel cool, calm and totally relaxed.

Underneath the layer of memory foam there is a layer of reflex foam which is very responsive. It will move faster than memory foam which means that if you are normally used to the feeling of a sprung mattress you will love the Snuggle Charcool Gold.

The mattress is covered in a fabric that is micro quilted for an extra luxurious feel and it is a generous 22 cm deep. It does not need to be turned like many other mattresses on the market and as a result it is single sided.

Key Features of the Snuggle Beds CharCOOL Mattress

  • Contains CharCOOL memory foam which will fit your body shape and provide the ultimate in support.
  • CharCOOL also has humidity controlling properties which will keep you cool and comfortable and aid circulation.
  • CoolZone cover which is micro quilted is extra soft and will help you to regulate your body temperature even more.
  • The mattress is single sided and will only require rotating from end to end every few months.
  • The mattress offers a medium level of comfort.
  • Mattress is 22cm deep for extreme luxury.

It also comes with a one-year guarantee which is very attractive to many consumers. Searching for a medium comfort mattress that can keep you cool and comfortable might seem like an uphill struggle but now you know about the Snuggle Charcool Gold your search is over.

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