Sleepeezee Viscoluxe 5000 Mattress

Using a mattress that will protect your joints and relieve them of pressure is essential for everyone. When pressure builds up in the joints due to a poor quality mattress the result is aches and pains in the neck, shoulders, spine and joints.

Pain like this can become quite debilitating and many people do not realise that using a good quality mattress such as the Sleepeezee Viscoluxe 5000 Mattress could make all the difference.

The Viscoluxe 5000 mattress is available to purchase online with free UK delivery:


Firmness: Soft
Single Mattress Cost: From £215.00
Flipping Required: No
Contains Memory Foam: Yes

The Sleepeezee Viscoluxe 5000 Mattress contains a generous 50 mm layer of memory foam which will provide the ultimate in support and comfort.

Memory foam was created by NASA to be used on the cushions in aircraft and it proved to be incredibly useful.

It was then realised that memory foam could be used in beds to provide excellent support and comfort for people who were in hospital long term as it reduced the build up of pressure on the joints that would occur with regular mattresses.

Today mattresses made from memory foam are one of the most popular types of mattress around.

Sleepeezee Viscoluxe 5000 MattressThe memory foam used in the Sleepeezee Viscoluxe 5000 Mattress will change shape so that it fits the shape of the person using it exactly. It will prevent pressure from building up in the joints and that will be incredibly supportive from head to toe.

Unlike many memory foam mattresses this mattress offers uses a soft level of comfort so it is ideal for children or adults who do not like to sleep on a very firm surface.

To make the Sleepeezee Viscoluxe 5000 Mattress even more comfortable it is has a micro quilted cover which is soft and luxurious.

The Sleepeezee Viscoluxe 5000 Mattress is also single sided which means that it is really easy and convenient to maintain as it does not require turning.

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