Sleepeezee Pocket Select Memory Mattress

Sleepeezee, just like other major UK bedding manufacturers, now offers memory foam in a variety of its models. Many consumers absolutely love the addition of visco elastic to their mattress whilst others tend to stay with the tried and true materials traditionally used in bedding.

Sleepeezee’s Pocket Memory Select mattress comes with free next day delivery. Start by selecting your preferred size below:

If you haven’t decided on this mattress yet then perhaps after learning more about memory foam and the great features of the Pocket Select Memory mattress, you will decide to give this modern material a try.

What to Expect From a Memory Foam Mattress

If you have never slept on a memory foam mattress, you may not realise what all the fuss is about. Because of its unique cellular structure, visco elastic instantly responds to heat and pressure by moulding itself around the weight. This envelops a sleeper’s body in cushy comfort while providing very even support. When you move, the memory foam returns to its normal state within seconds.

Pocket Select Memory MattressPerhaps the only true problem with a memory foam mattress is that it gives off an odour when unwrapped from its plastic cover.

This is normal and occurs with every visco elastic model. The odour will dissipate and completely disappear over time.

A memory foam mattress is ideal for anyone who has back and neck pain. The superior responsiveness of the material allows a sleeper to get comfortable in any position whilst still enjoying great support.

These beds are also perfect for two partners. Since the material absorbs movement, your partner’s night-time restlessness will not disturb you.

Features of the Pocket Memory Select

Sleepeezee is known for their high quality mattresses and the Pocket Memory Select is no exception. The company takes their traditional pocket sprung support system and adds a thick layer of memory foam. You get the benefit of both – individually encased pocket springs for orthopaedic support and memory foam for resilience and pressure relief.


Firmness: Soft
Single Mattress Cost: From £209.00
Flipping Required: No
Contains Memory Foam: Yes

There is a soft feel to this bed. This is provided by 600 pocket springs, which result in less firmness than a higher number of springs, along with the highly responsive memory foam layer.

The Pocket Memory Select is the perfect option for anyone plagued by pressure points caused by an over-firm mattress.

In addition to its excellent support, the no-turn Pocket Memory Select is crafted with air vents along the sides. This prevents moisture build-up in the fabric and springs and keeps the mattress fresh for many years of use. A micro-quilted cover on this 23 centimetres deep mattress adds both beauty and tactile benefits.

It’s hard to beat the value of this exceptional mattress offered with a five-year guarantee and a very reasonable price. If you have yet to try memory foam, the Pocket Memory Select is a great mattress to purchase.

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