Sleepeezee Pocket Mattress Range

When you shop for the perfect Sleepeezee mattress for your bedroom, you can’t go wrong by choosing any of the great beds included in the Pocket mattress range. All of the features included in these mattresses make them very popular with UK consumers.

Three of the company’s bestselling models include the Pocket 800, the Pocket Memory Select, and the Pocket Select 1400. Take a look at their individual benefits and choose the one that is perfect for your needs.

About the Pocket 800

Cushy and oh-so-comfortable, the Pocket 800 mattress from Sleepeezee features 800 springs that give it a soft to medium feel. But it provides no less than exceptional support via a system of high quality steel springs, each individually encased in a cotton sheath. Think of this pocket sprung support system like the pistons in an auto – each one moves up and down in direct response to pressure from the sleeper’s body.

The Pocket 800 mattress is a full 25 centimetres in depth. The pocket springs are cushioned by thick layers of natural fibres that are hand-tufted, per the company’s high standards of quality. Beautiful damask makes the outer upholstery silky to the touch while side air vents allow the mattress to breathe and disperse moisture. Flag-stitched handles along each side help make the task of flipping it very easy.

Features of the Pocket Select Memory

The Pocket Select Memory mattress incorporates the same type of pocket sprung support system found in the Pocket 800. But in addition, a dense layer of memory foam provides sumptuous comfort. When you lie on memory foam, it responds instantly to weight and heat, conforming itself to your body’s contours. You will never suffer pain from pressure points or back aches when sleeping on this mattress, no matter which way you lie.

The Memory Select is a great mattress for anyone who enjoys a soft feel. With 600 pocket springs and the layer of highly resilient memory foam, it encases the sleeper in ultimate, luxurious softness. Side air vents and a micro-quilted cover ensure that this bed will retain its value for many years.

About the Pocket Select 1400

For a firmer feel, try Sleepeezee’s Pocket Select 1400 mattress. This model features 1,400 individually pocketed springs throughout the length and width. Great support with the elimination of pressure points is what you can expect when selecting this bed.

In addition, cushiony layers of hand-tufted, natural wool protect your body from direct contact with the pocket springs. Belgian damask fabric is used to upholster the mattress and triple stitching along all sides keeps this bed performing at its optimum even with excessive use. Since it is a never-turn mattress, the Pocket Select 1400 is also convenient and it utilises the same air vents and side handles as the other models in this range.

With all of these great beds to choose from, you are sure to find a Sleepeezee Pocket mattress that is ideal for the way you sleep and the level of firmness you desire.

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