Sleepeezee Pocket 800 Mattress

Everyone has specific preferences when it comes to their bed. Some of us relish a very firm feel with full, orthopaedic support, others opt for a softer, more comfortable mattress that ‘gives’ in response to movement.

If your preference falls into the latter category, then you will absolutely love Sleepeezee’s Pocket 800 mattress.

When you purchase Sleepeezee’s Pocket 800 Mattress you have the option of getting free next day delivery. Select your required size below:

How to Determine Comfort Levels

Before you even lie on a bed, you can tell what to expect as far as comfort by researching various factors.

Start with the number of pocket springs it contains. The lower the amount, the softer the mattress will feel. A higher number of coils, 2,000 and above, supplies the firmest support.

Sleepeezee Pocket 800 Mattress

Next, research the depth and type of fillings covering the spring system. The deeper the fillings, the more comfort the mattress will provide.

What type of material the fillings are composed of also makes a difference. Natural fibres tend to retain their fluffy softness longer than polyester or other manufactured fabrics.

They also ‘breathe’ better, lengthening the life of the mattress.

Certainly the overall quality of the bed makes a difference in comfort, too. Little details like hand tufting, stitched reinforcements, and materials of high quality affect its level of support, comfort, and the longevity.

The Pocket 800 from Sleepeezee

This mattress provides all that a sleeper is looking for when they desire a very comfortable, cushy bed. Its 800 springs are all individually encased in cotton pockets. This gives the Pocket 800 a medium level of support, most preferred by the majority of UK consumers. The pocket springs relieve pressure points by working like pistons to supply even support to all areas of the body.


Firmness: Medium to Firm
Single Mattress Cost: From £179.00
Flipping Required: Yes
Contains Memory Foam: No

The Pocket 800 is a full 25 centimetres deep. This depth comes from the pocket spring system covered in luxurious layers of fluffy, natural fibre fillings. These hand-tufted layers are all encased in upholstery of fine damask.

This Sleepeezee mattress will long retain its quality and comfort. Brass vents along each side allow air to pass through it, keeping the mattress free of moisture and humidity. Vertical stitching along the borders reinforce the entire bed. When it comes time to flip it over, or turn it end to end, sturdy flag-stitched handles make this task quite simple.

If you purchase the Pocket 800 and for some reason find that it does not meet your needs, you can rest assured that the five-year guarantee allows you to replace it.

When it comes to a bed of exceptional quality and comfort, the Sleepeezee Pocket 800 is the perfect choice. This is a great mattress at a value price ideal for adding to any room of the home, from the master bedroom to the guest room.

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