Sleepeezee Churchill Mattress

Sleepeezee are a brand that is well known for designing some top quality mattresses and the Sleepeezee Churchill Mattress is certainly one of them.

It is a firm mattress that is ideal for anyone who prefers a harder sleeping surface but who still wants to have a high level of comfort at the same time.

The Sleepeezee Churchill mattress is available to purchase online along with optional added extras including a 10 year guarantee and optional recycling of your current bed:

The support in this mattress comes from a layer of pocket springs that are very responsive and will not cause the mattress to bend or sag in any place.


Firmness: Firm
Single Mattress Cost: From £429.00
Flipping Required: Yes
Contains Memory Foam: No

When mattresses bend and sag they tend to cause couples using them to roll together. This can be incredibly annoying as it will then lead to both people tossing and turning and getting a poor night’s sleep.

To eliminate this it is important that the mattress a couple choose is supportive in every zone and to add to this even further this mattress is hand tufted. Hand tufted mattresses are supportive right to the edge and will not cause users to roll together or of the bed, even if they are close to the edge.

The filings of the Sleepeezee Churchill Mattress are made from wool and cotton, both of which are known for their soft and comfortable feeling. The two longest sides of the mattress have two hand stitched handles which are perfect for turning or rotating it.

Sleepeezee Churchill Mattress

Turning and rotating a mattress is important to make the mattress last even longer and to ensure that is performs well year after year. As the mattress can be turned it is double sided and covered in a luxury damask quilted fabric that is super soft.

In addition to all its superb features the Sleepeezee Churchill Mattress can also be used with a wide range of divan bed bases and slatted frames, so you could use it on your existing frame.

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