Sleepeezee Buying Guide

For more than 80 years, UK consumers have come to rely on the name Sleepeezee to provide bedding that is recognised for its high quality and superior comfort. The company still hand stitches all its mattresses and puts the same dedication to quality in each product that originally made the brand famous.

SleepeezeeToday, Sleepeezee’s research and development department takes modern technology and combines it with old-fashioned quality standards to produce exceptional beds sure to please even the most discriminating buyer.

But which Sleepeezee bed is the perfect one for you and your needs? Take a look at three of the most popular models, the Backcare Ultimate 2000, Ortho Crest Pocket 1000, and the Pocket 800 and choose for yourself.

The Backcare Ultimate 2000

Just as the name implies, the Backcare Ultimate 2000 mattress is perhaps the best choice if you suffer from back and neck pains. Anyone with chronic back aches knows that the mattress they choose is extremely important.

With 2,000 individually pocketed springs in the king sized mattress, the Backcare Ultimate provides firm support topped by luxurious layers of natural silk and wool. The support system is bolstered by springs of sturdy steel that ‘give’ less than other types.

This mattress is the perfect choice for anyone who wakes in the morning with aches and pains in their neck, spine, or back.

The Backcare Extreme 1000 mattress is also worth mentioning here. It’s a high quality supportive mattress and is a slightly cheaper option than the Backcare Ultimate model.

The Ortho Crest Pocket 1000

In comparison to the Backcare Ultimate 2000, the Ortho Crest Pocket 1000 has a softer feel that provides support in the medium range – the most popular firmness indicated by UK consumes.

But don’t be fooled by the lesser number of individually pocketed springs; this mattress still provides great support. The spring system works like pistons, springing up to meet every point of contact on the sleeper’s body, whilst preventing pressure points on the bony shoulder and hip areas.

Air vents and handles along each side allow the fabric to breathe and ensure that turning the mattress is an easy task.

The Pocket 800

First introduced in 2008, the Pocket 800 mattress from Sleepeezee was designed as a mattress that would please the masses. Fewer pocket springs result in a softer feel to the support system. This mattress can be placed atop a variety of divan bases or bedstead frames. This one is great for the kids’ room or a guest room.

This guide should make it easier to find the Sleepeezee mattress ideal for your needs. Each one is manufactured with exceptional attention to detail and will provide a great night’s sleep for many years to come.

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