Sleepeezee Backcare Extreme Mattress

Many people need a mattress that will take care of their backs and make sure that their spine, neck and shoulders are in perfect alignment all night long.

The Sleepeezee Backcare Extreme 1000 Mattress is one type of mattress that will help anyone with aches and pains in the back to get the kind of support that they are looking for.

You can buy the Backcare Extreme mattress in 4 different sizes with free delivery:

Sleepeezee are one of the top bed manufacturers in the UK and their Sleepeezee Backcare Extreme Mattress has been developed with back care in mind.


Firmness: Medium to Firm
Single Mattress Cost: From £265.00
Flipping Required: No
Contains Memory Foam: Yes

The mattress contains pocket springs which are known for their responsiveness. Each spring can move independently as it is enclosed in its own, individual soft fabric pocket.

As you lay on the mattress these springs will start working and support to your entire body from head to toe. Bends and dips in the mattress are eliminated as the springs will spread weight evenly over the entire surface of the mattress.

The Sleepeezee Backcare Extreme Mattress is also ideal for couples who are suffering from poor quality sleep thanks to rolling together during the night. Mattresses that utilise cage springs will often cause this to happen as the springs are all linked to one another.

Sleepeezee Backcare Extreme 1000With pocket springs this does not happen and both people will be able to enjoy a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep.

To make the mattress even more comfortable it has fibre fillings which are soft and sumptuous. The mattress is also a hand tufted which gives it even more support and stability even to its edges.

Add to this air vents which keep the mattress cool at night and prevent moisture from building up inside it and you can see why this is such a popular mattress.

Maintenance of the Sleepeezee Backcare Extreme Mattress is also simple as it is single sided, just rotate it from end to end every few months and it will give you many years of comfort and support.

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