Silentnight Ortho Star Mattress

Getting a mattress that is extra firm can work wonders for anyone who suffers from back pain or pains in the neck, shoulders and other joints.


Firmness: Firm
Single Mattress Cost: From £149.00
Flipping Required: No
Contains Memory Foam: No

Before I got a Silentnight Ortho Star Mattress I had suffered from pain in my lower back and shoulders on a daily basis. I thought that nothing would work for my problem and it was really starting to get me down.

Once I changed my mattress for a Silentnight Ortho Star Mattress I found that I was starting to get to sleep much faster. I didn’t seem to move around as much during the night and my back and shoulders felt really well supported.

Previously I had also found that myself and my partner disturbed each other during the night as we tended to roll together.

If this mattress sounds right for you then you can buy the Ortho Star mattress and get next day delivery in the UK:

With the Silentnight Ortho Star Mattress this does not happen as we can both stay in our own sleeping positions without rolling into each other and waking each other up.

Thanks to the supportive qualities of the mattress is also possible to sleep really close to the edge without feeling as though you are going to roll off. My partner is really impressed with this feature as he tends to move around enjoying the night and often finds himself sleeping on the edge of the mattress.

Key Features of the Silentnight Ortho Star Mattress:

  • Get rid of back pain and problems by using a quality mattress like this.
  • The mattress features Silentnight’s Miracoil Springs which will give you head to toe support throughout the entire night.
  • Soft fibre fillings help to cushion you and give you a sound night’s sleep.
  • The hand tufting in the mattress will ensure that it is firm even to the edges, so if you like to sleep close to the edge of the bed you will not feel the mattress bending.
  • The mattress offers a firm level of comfort.
  • The mattress is a fantastic 27 cm deep for the ultimate in luxury.

Silentnight Ortho StarNot only is the Silentnight Ortho Star Mattress really supported it is also incredibly comfortable. Inside the mattress there are Miracoil springs which work to support the whole body and spread a person’s weight over the surface of it. This helps to improve your quality of sleep and prevents the mattress from bending in any area at all.

To make matters even more comfortable it has a quilted damask cover which feels really soft to the touch.

The Silentnight Ortho Star Mattress is really easy to look after as it is non-turn, so if you are concerned about having to turn your mattress on a regular basis there really is no need to be.

It can also be used on slatted frames or divans so there is no need to buy a new bed base when you purchase it.

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