Silentnight Onyx Mattress

Silentnight mattresses are known for being high quality and the Silentnight Onyx Mattress is a good example of this. It is a mattress that offers medium firm level of comfort and since using it I have found that my quality of sleep has improved significantly.

Previous to using this mattress I had a lot of pain in my lower back and this was caused, in part, by my old mattress that was not fit for purpose. This mattress has a Posture Zone which is a section that runs across the middle of it which is much firmer than the rest of the mattress.

The Onyx Mattress from Silentnight is available in 3 sizes with next day delivery:


Firmness: Medium
Single Mattress Cost: From £116.00
Flipping Required: Yes
Contains Memory Foam: No

For even more comfort the mattress has layers of hypoallergenic comfort material which are really good for anyone who suffers from any allergies. These not only help to reduce the symptoms of allergies they are also good at combating bedbugs.

So this is something that you are concerned about you need to look towards a mattress that has hypoallergenic fillings.

The spring system that is used in the Silentnight Onyx Mattress is Silentnight’s Miracoil springs which are high quality springs that are responsive yet firm.

They help to prevent a couple from rolling together during the night which also helps to provide both people with a much better night’s sleep. These springs work by distributing a person’s weight evenly over the surface of the mattress.

Silentnight OnyxSo even if two people using the mattress are different sizes and weights, the mattress will act in the same way and support both people perfectly. There will be no dips or sags in the mattress, something that can be caused with poor quality mattresses.

The cover of the mattress is really soft and it has a micro-quilted finish which really adds to its luxurious feel. It can be used on many different bed bases, which was good news as I did not have to buy a new bed frame for use with my new mattress.

We would recommend this mattress to anyone who wants a better night’s sleep and wants to feel comfortable and well supported all throughout the night, every night.

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