Silentnight Oberon Mattress

This mattress has been designed for providing comfort during the night. Many old mattresses tend to sag in the middle and this means that you end up tossing and turning frequently, leading to aches and pains.

The Silentnight Oberon Mattress has Miracoil 3 springs which give you support in different areas so you will never feel as though your mattress is bending even if you and your partner are of differing weights.

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Firmness: Medium
Single Mattress Cost: From £174.95
Flipping Required: No
Contains Memory Foam: Yes

The top of the mattress has a layer of memory foam which helps you to drift off into a really sound sleep. It changes its shape so that it moulds to your body and we found this to be incredibly comfortable. Instead of having pain in your back and joints in the morning you’ll wake up feeling absolutely fantastic thanks to this mattress.

In addition to having a layer of memory foam which keeps you really comfortable the mattress also has reinforced edges and springs which means that you can sleep anywhere on the mattress without it starting to bend.

Key Features of the Silentnight Oberon Memory Miracoil 3 Mattress:

  • Miracoil springs spread your weight over the mattress evenly for a better night’s sleep.
  • Memory foam will mould and fit your body shape giving you support exactly where you need it.
  • Contains Purotex bacteria to reduce moisture, dust mites and mould making it great for people with allergies.
  • The edge of the mattress is reinforced with foam so that you can sleep right to the edge.
  • Provides you with the lower back support that is vital while you are sleeping.

So if, like us, you tend to wake up in the morning close to the edge of the bed you will not be worried about falling off while you are asleep.

Silentnight OberonWhen it comes to partners who have different weights another problem that you can encounter is rolling together in the night. This means that neither of you really get a very good night’s sleep and it can become very frustrating.

With the Silentnight Oberon Mattress there is no sagging in the middle so both people can get a really fantastic night’s sleep every single night.

So if you want to have a comfortable and stable mattress that feels sumptuous, this is the mattress for you.

For ease of use the mattress is non turn, which makes it really easy to care for. The mattress is also a hypoallergenic which is really good for people who suffer from asthma.

If you want a quality mattress that will last for many years and will give you the support and comfort you need this is it.

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  1. I bought this mattress a month ago and I’m very happy with it. Comfortable, good value and very fast delivery!

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