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Silentnight is perhaps best known for its Miracoil technology and its line of classic Miracoil mattresses. These models include the Linen, Phoebe, and Ortho. The newest additions to the Miracoil line are the Memory and Latex products, which utilise the newest materials along with the proven superiority of the company’s signature spring support system.

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About Silentnight

With a 62-year history manufacturing beds in the UK, Silentnight enjoys a wealth of experience and the best research and development techniques to create cutting edge technology that enhances their products. Today they are known as the largest branded bed producer in the UK and recognised for their specialty creating mattresses appropriate for all ages young to old.

The History of Miracoil

First referred to as the Ultimate Spring System in the 1980s, this advanced mattress support technology from Silentnight underwent various changes and improvements after its advent. After dedicating a great deal of research and development efforts to producing the best popular construction methods, the Miracoil spring system was born by the end of the century.

You may recall the animated adverts which first appeared in 2001. Set to the tune of ‘You Sexy Thing’ by Hot Chocolate, Silentnight commissioned Jane Horrocks and Clive Rowe to lend their voices to the reworked lyrics of ‘I Believe in Miracoil’. This was just the start to the creation of the most popular mattresses offered by the company and the reason so many consumers prefer them.

What’s So Special About Miracoil?

What sets Silentnight apart from other bedding manufacturers is this unique system of springs. Rows of springs run vertically from head to toe in order to provide even distribution for a sleeper’s weight. This gives full support to any body, no matter the size or weight, and also helps minimise motion disturbance.

In fact, the Miracoil system is the genius behind Silentnight’s ‘no roll together’, ‘no roll off’, and ‘posture zone’ mattress characteristics – as the hippo icon so aptly illustrates in many of the company’s adverts.


Miratex is the name given to one of the newest offerings from Silentnight. These mattresses combine body-moulding foam layers with the patented Miracoil construction.


Yet another new advance, Mirapocket mattresses combine mini pocket springs with Silentnight’s Miracoil spring system. The two support systems provide the ultimate sleeping experience and the greatest number of springs you will find in any bed on the market.

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