Silentnight Memory Foam Mattresses

Silentnight is one of the most popular, and also the biggest, manufacturers of quality bedding in the UK. And with good reason. Not only are these mattresses made utilising the most current technology, they are sold with a comprehensive guarantee and four or five year manufacturer’s warranty through Mattress Man.

Memory foam is truly a great advance in the manufacture of bedding as it conforms to even the slightest weight and body heat. It provides both superior support and exceptional comfort at the same time. All of the memory foam mattresses offered by Silentnight are built with the company’s signature ‘no roll together’, ‘no roll off’, and ‘posture zone’ features. This makes them a great choice for couples. keeps two of the most popular Silentnight memory foam models in stock, the Memory Sleep and the Pocket Memory Sleep.

Memory Sleep Mattress

The Memory Sleep mattress is made with Silentnight’s exclusive Miracoil spring units. This system is constructed with rows of coils running vertically through the mattress, which keeps consistent support in both the centre and along the edges of the mattress.

Along with the Miracoil springs, a luxurious layer of memory foam provides a soft and sumptuous sleeping surface. With a density of 55 kg/m and 25 mm of depth, this is the ultimate in conforming support. On top of the layers in this no turn mattress is a covering of knitted stretch fabric, great at whisking away moisture and keeping the sleeper at a comfortable temperature all night long.

Pocket Memory Sleep Mattress

Even more luxurious is the Pocket Memory Sleep mattress from Silentnight. This mattress truly provides the ultimate sleep experience by combining both the Miracoil spring system and mini pocket springs. A total of 2,100 springs in the king size bed works in tandem with a plush layer of memory foam to provide a back-supporting medium firmness which is suitable for nearly any sleeper’s preference.

Not only does this mattress envelop you in cushy comfort, it provides all the most sought after conveniences. It is a no-turn mattress with a plush pillow top. Sturdy handles make it easy to transport and periodically flip from head to end, as is recommended by the manufacturer.

Find your perfect Silentnight memory foam mattress at an exceptional price today by viewing the range above. With their low price and satisfaction guarantees, there is no better deal anywhere on the internet.

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