Silentnight Mattress Buying Guide

For the best value and highest quality in bedding, Silentnight is the definite leader in the UK. For well over half a century, Silentnight has been providing both consumers and commercial operations with luxurious, yet affordable, mattresses that fit on a variety of bases and divans.

SilentnightUtilising the latest technology and an exceptional research and development department, Silentnight is truly at the forefront of UK manufacturers.

But what type of bed is best for you? There are so many options on the market, you may be confused as to where to start when you are ready to purchase a new bed. Here is a guide to some of the most popular models from Silentnight.

The Luxury of Memory Foam

If you are anxious to try out the newest material, visco elastic, then there are two great options offered by Silentnight. At the top of the line is the Memory Comfort mattress. At a slightly lower price, you will find the Memory Sleep model.

Both of these mattresses are constructed with a full 25 centimetres and 55 kg/m of fire retardant memory foam filling. Many bedding companies do not offer this depth.

They also utilise Silentnight’s exclusive Miracoil technology in conjunction with the memory foam. This cage sprung system is constructed of one long, continuous coil that runs vertically throughout the mattress. This provides superior support for a sleeper of any size as opposed to the traditional horizontally placed springs.

With memory foam, you never have to turn the mattress. Both the Memory Comfort and the Memory Sleep models feature a micro-quilted, knitted stretch fabric cover that just adds to their sumptuous feel.

The difference between the two lies in the addition of memory foam surrounding the mattress. You will find that the Memory Comfort has extra visco elastic on the top.

The Miracoil Sleep and Ortho Sleep Beds

For anyone on a budget, either of these fine models still offers exceptional comfort for the price. They both utilise the Miracoil technology from Silentnight. Each is generously filled with layers of soft and fluffy polyester.

Perhaps the largest difference is the depth of the mattress. While the Ortho Sleep is 22 centimetres in depth, the Miracoil Sleep adds another three centimetres. The Miracoil Sleep is graced with a luxurious hand-tufted cover while the Ortho Sleep benefits from a micro-quilted knit fabric.

The Miracoil Sleep model would make an ideal addition to your own bedroom. The Ortho Sleep bed may be just the thing for your guest quarters. Don’t forget that there’s also the Pocket Sleep mattress to consider.

No matter your budget, size requirements, or type of support, you are sure to find a Silentnight mattress that is just right. All are back by a full one year satisfaction guarantee and a four- or five-year warranty backed by the manufacturer.

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