Silentnight Charm Mattress

Lower back pain is one of the predominant reasons why consumers like you choose the Silentnight mattress brand. Not only does this leading UK mattress company offer you beds to fit any budget, but it also offers the unique patented Miracoil spring technology.


Firmness: Medium
Single Mattress Cost: From £169.00
Flipping Required: No
Contains Memory Foam: No

The Silentnight Charm Mattress is one such bed for the budget conscious that has the Miracoil spring system. What is so unique about this feature is the fact that it is one continuous spring that measures lengthwise from the head to the foot of your mattress.

Rows and rows of these coils stretching across the entire expanse of the bed help distribute your body weight evenly to reduce painful pressure points, particularly your hips. Surrounded by layers of soft, supportive fibre material, you will feel charmed by the good night’s sleep you will get.

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“Charm”ed Features of the Mattress

One of the more interesting features of this mattress is the cover. It is knitted fabric rather than woven damask. The result is a softer, suppler feel with some stretch to it. The stitching design provides a plush, luxurious texture. And if you have dust mite allergies, there are no worries with this Charm Mattress type from Silentnight. It is hypoallergenic.

Other pleasing characteristics of this mattress are tied into the Miracoil springs. Besides distributing weight evenly to alleviate body pressure points, you do not have to worry about typical mattress sagging, the development of lumps or even quivering. You have support across the entire expanse of the mattress. This means you will not roll off the side of the bed nor will you roll toward the middle where your bed partner may be. You actually gain some sleep space due to the smooth support of this Silentnight mattress.

Another cool feature of this Charm Mattress is the fact that you do not have to flip it over. Remember your old mattresses that developed sags where your hips normally rested? You probably ended up flipping the mattress over to regain a flatter, more supportive surface, albeit temporarily. This Silentnight model is made to be single-sided. However, you can rotate it end to end as you wish.

Key Features of the Silentnight Charm Mattress:

  • The mattress has the Miracoil Spring System so that a couple of different sizes and weights can sleep on it with their weights even distributed.
  • The Charm is hypoallergenic which means it can be used by allergy sufferers.
  • The mattress is non-turn so you should only rotate it to keep it in good condition.
  • The mattress offers users a medium level of comfort.
  • The springs in the mattress are made even more comfortable with fibre fillings.
  • The mattress is 26 cm deep.

It doesn’t matter what shape, size or height you are; you can expect great overall body support with Silentnight mattresses. And if it is the Charm Mattress so much the better … especially for your wallet! Easing your body pressure points and providing extra support for your back are two exceptional features that virtually help the Silentnight Charm Mattress sell itself. Order one today and you could soon be “charmed” into a good night’s sleep.

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