Sealy Pure Tranquility Mattress

This is a mattress that has been specially designed to reduce the pain that can be associated with pressure on the joints when using a poor quality mattress.

Anyone who uses the Sealy Pure Tranquility mattress will find that they weight is evenly distributed across the surface of it which helps them to drift off into an undisturbed sleep. So if you are looking for a new mattress that is supremely comfortable and incredibly easy to maintain this is ideal for you.

Available only as a double mattress, the Sealy Pure Tranquility mattress comes with free delivery:


Firmness: Medium
Double Mattress Cost: From £529.00
Flipping Required: No
Contains Memory Foam: No

The Sealy Pure Tranquility Mattress has zonal support which works to support your body in different areas. This means that your spine will be perfectly aligned throughout the night so that you are comfortable and totally supported.

Inside the mattress is the Sealy Reflex Progressive Pocket Spring System which are springs that are all separate and enclosed in their own fabric pocket. When you lay on these springs they will respond individually and spring back to give you total support which enhances your quality of sleep instantly.

Sealy Pure TranquilityIn addition to this spring system the match was also has a layer of latex which is 40 mm deep. Latex changes shape to fit a persons body which means that anyone who uses a mattress likely will find that their joints and neck will not feel stiff thanks to any pressure on them being reduced.

In fact after sleeping on this mattress I found that I no longer woke up with an aching neck, which is something that I had suffered from for quite some time.

I also found that even though the mattress has a layer of latex and I did not feel too hot during the night. This is thanks to the Airlay cushioning which helps the mattress to breathe and helps you to maintain your temperature at the same time.

As well as being incredibly supportive and fantastically comfortable the Sealy Pure Tranquility Mattress can be used on many different types of bed frames such as divans or slatted frames. It is also non turn which means that keeping it in perfect condition is really simple and straightforward which is also a plus point.

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