Sealy Millionaire Memory Mattress

The Sealy Company’s Millionaire mattress is aptly named. Meant to inspire visions of privileged wealth, you will certainly feel like a millionaire – or even part of the Royal Family – when you enjoy a great night’s sleep on one these plushly comfortable beds.

The Millionaire Memory model features deep layers of visco elastic that make the sleeper imagine he or she is laying atop a fluffy cloud.

Why Choose Memory Foam?

Memory foam has become the preferred material for bedding in recent years. It has been used for a longer time in the United States, since visco elastic was first developed there for the NASA space program.


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Firmness: Medium to Firm
Single Mattress Cost: From £235.00
Flipping Required: No
Contains Memory Foam: Yes

What does memory foam do for a mattress? For one thing, it responds to the slightest pressure or heat. This means that wherever your body touches the mattress, it provides support, no matter how slight the weight, and eliminates pain from pressure points often caused by traditional bedding.

For another thing, the resilient material of memory foam absorbs motion. It makes the ideal mattress for a pair of sleepers who can get through a night without disturbance from movement.

Lastly, visco elastic is very resilient. It’s supportive and conforming qualities last for years. The density of the memory foam is extremely important. Higher density means more air cells to share air pressure upon compression. The more air cells in the mattress, the longer it will provide ideal support.

Why Choose the Sealy Millionaire Memory?

In regards to the density of the memory foam in the Millionaire Memory from Sealy, it is a very high grade with a density of 55/65 kgm.

Millionaire Memory MattressIn addition to being resilient, this also provides firmer support, particularly in the middle where most people gravitate while sleeping.

There’s another reason you will feel like a millionaire on this bed – it incorporates 30 mm each of soft, reflex, and memory foam materials for a total of 90 mm blanketing Sealy’s signature Posture Tech Ultra cage spring unit that is another 23 cm deep.

This mattress is not just exceptional on the inside; the exterior upholstery is micro-quilted and luxuriously silky. Crafted of Tencel, this manmade material does a great job of controlling body temperature. The mattress is also hypoallergenic, with vents that allow the flow-through of fresh air. It never needs to be turned over.

Key Features of the Sealy Millionaire Memory Mattress

  • Contains 90mm of memory foam for added comfort.
  • Supports your entire body with its posturepedic spring system that was created to be comfortable yet highly supportive.
  • Tencel fabric on the mattress will help to regulate body temperature throughout the night.
  • The mattress is vented to ensure that there is no build up of moisture within it.
  • The mattress is a generous 23 cm deep which makes it super comfortable and incredibly luxurious.
  • The mattress is covered with a micro-quilted material.

When it comes to consistent and reliable quality, it is hard to beat Sealy. The Millionaire Memory is one of their top-of-the-line models and one that any consumer would surely enjoy sleeping atop each night.

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User Reviews

  1. My first memory foam mattress – very pleased with it. Supportive but also very comfortable.

  2. The base is firm but you still sink a few centimetres into the foam, making it very comfortable.

  3. Once I got used to the mattress there’s no doubting that it’s a first class mattress.

  4. Just how we wanted the mattress to be – firm but also soft and gentle to sleep on, plus very comfortable.

  5. Very comfy and good value for money.

  6. A nice solid mattress. Quite firm but still bouncy so it doesn’t feel like you’re asleep on concrete!

  7. It’s more on the firm side than a medium mattress but I love it. Very comfortable. I recommend it.

  8. I absolutely love this mattress. The memory foam is so comfortable that it’s almost impossible not to fall asleep on it. I’ve actually started to wake up earlier, feeling so refreshed compared to the old days.

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