Sealy Millionaire Mattress

Do you want to sleep like a millionaire without having to pay a million? Then you may be interested in Sealy’s incredibly popular Posturpedic mattress and more specifically the Millionaire models. These include the Millionaire Standard, the Millionaire Luxury, and the Millionaire Ortho – all of which provide the ultimate in comfort and support.

Millionaire Standard

Sealy’s Millionaire Standard mattress includes all of the features which distinguish the Posturepedic collection. With much of its development the result of consultation with top orthopaedic surgeons, these beds were designed to be the best for spinal alignment and back health.

The PostureTech spring system used in the entire Sealy Ultra Luxe line also provides superior support and comfort to the Millionaire model. The company’s patented ‘edge 2 edge’ technology provides that same support throughout the entire surface via a high density foam strip running along the perimeter of the spring system. Added comfort comes from the Coolmax fabric used to upholster the mattress. This unique material wicks away moisture, allowing the sleeper to maintain a steady body temperature and the mattress itself to ‘breathe’. Air vents along the sides also help circulate air through the material.

The standard mattress in this line is 31 centimetres in depth with a beautiful, quilted damask cover. It never needs to be turned, making it the ideal choice for any bed in your home.

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Millionaire Luxury

Sealy’s Millionaire Luxury mattress can be found at only one stockist in the UK, and that is Mattress Man. This bed is incredibly luxurious, but luckily you need not make a million dollars to afford it with the cheap prices offered at

The Luxury model comes with all of the same features in the Standard model plus a few extras. The edge 2 edge support system is bolstered by a solid rod along the perimeter. A smaller diameter of spring means there are more per square meter on any size mattress.

The pillow top of the Luxury mattress is incredibly deep and sumptuous and filled with a whopping eleven layers of soft fibre for the ultimate in comfort.

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Millionaire Ortho

For comfort lovers who need the extra support of a mattress specially designed to provide proper spine alignment and relieve pressure, the Millionaire Ortho is the perfect choice.

This bed is best known as the one supplied to Shilpa on the 2007 Celebrity Big Brother television program. Her complaints about being unable to sleep due to back pain were answered with the delivery of this superb mattress from Mattress Man.

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