Sealy Millionaire Luxury Mattress

It’s a fact that sometimes the most sumptuous things you can buy actually come at an affordable price.

This is the case with Sealy’s Millionaire Luxury mattress. Sleeping on this bed will make you feel like a millionaire, but you certainly do not need to be one to afford it.

The Millionaire Luxury mattress is available in the following sizes, with free next day delivery in the UK as standard:

About Sealy’s Millionaire Line

So named because they can please even the most discriminating standards of a wealthy person, Sealy’s Millionaire line of luxury beds is expensive in name and comfort only.

These models feature all of the standard construction you would expect from the famous Posturepedic collection. Sealy’s research and development department took it one step further, however, and consulted with some of the country’s top orthopaedic surgeons to design a bed that would provide the ultimate way to align the spine and promote good back health.

The Millionaire mattresses also utilise Sealy’s patented PostureTech spring system. This foundation is created with the use of a series of small-diameter springs and ‘edge 2 edge’ construction in order to provide even support throughout the mattress as well as along the perimeter. This is achieved via a length of high density foam rods that surrounds the springs along the edge.

Millionaire mattresses also come with Sealy’s beautiful Coolmax damask fabric upholstery in order to wick away moisture throughout the night. This means added comfort for the sleeper because they are able to maintain a constant body temperature. Along with side air vents, it also allows the mattress itself to breathe and circulate air. This will greatly extend the life of the product whilst creating a healthier sleeping environment. And since the mattress never needs to be turned, it is virtually care free.

About the Millionaire Luxury Model


Firmness: Soft to Medium
Single Mattress Cost: From £255.00
Flipping Required: No
Contains Memory Foam: No

The Millionaire Luxury mattress from this line of Sealy products provides the ultimate in plush and comfortable bedding. This top-of-the-line bed features a couple key components you won’t find anywhere else.

The most noticeable difference is silky soft, sumptuous pillow top that makes you want to sink down into its cushy depths. Beneath this beautiful upholstery lie eleven layers of downy soft fibres to make your body feel like it is sleeping on a cloud, with soft to medium support. In fact the mattress is a full 34 centimetres in depth.

Key Features of the Sealy Millionaire Luxury Mattress:

  • The spring system within the mattress has a rod edge which will provide support over the entire surface, even at the edges.
  • Excellent support for your spine and joints during the night to relieve the build up of pressure.
  • The mattress has a deep and luxurious pillow top with 11 layers of fillings to make using it a dream.
  • The mattress also features air vents which will keep the mattress fresher for longer and will prolong its life.

When you want to pamper yourself, consider choosing the Millionaire Luxury mattress from Sealy. It may make you feel like a million bucks in the morning, but it certainly won’t cost that much.

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