Sealy Jubilee Ortho Mattress

Suffering from back pain or pain in any other joints can be really hard to live with and if you are living with this kind of problem you need to try out the Sealy Jubilee Ortho mattress.


Firmness: Firm
Double Mattress Cost: From £275.00
Flipping Required: No
Contains Memory Foam: Yes

This is a fantastic orthopaedic mattress that offers support from edge to edge for a firm level of comfort. The springs inside this mattress are posturepedic which have been especially developed for their highly supportive qualities.

So each night when you sleep on this mattress you will feel fantastically supported and incredibly comfortable.

The Jubilee Ortho mattress is available as a double, king size or super king size mattress:

Inside the matter is that there are tencel fibres which will work to keep you dry and cool throughout the night. Maintaining a good temperature is essential if you want to have a good night’s sleep and if you normally feel too hot at night this mattress will help you to cool down.

Sealy Jubilee OrthoTo make you feel even more comfortable there is a layer of memory foam in the mattress that will mould to fit the shape of your body. In fact sleeping on this mattress will be like nothing that you have ever experienced before.

If you are worried about turning this hand tufted mattress to maintain it there is no need to be. This mattress only needs rotation from end to end to keep it performing well.

To help you with this there are handles on either side which are stitched solidly into it and will not move even with regular use.

Mattress is like this are perfect to anyone who wants a firm sleeping surface that is incredibly comfortable and supportive. Within a few nights of using this mattress you will find that the aches and pains that you have suffered from will become a thing of the past.

So switch to the Sealy Jubilee Ortho mattress if you want the ultimate in support and comfort.

Key Features of the Sealy Jubilee Ortho Mattress

  • Edge to edge support for an even and comfortable sleeping surface.
  • Total support for the entire body with the Posturepedic Spring System.
  • The mattress also contains tencel fibres which are eco-friendly and will help to keep you cool all night long.
  • A layer of memory foam is on top of the springs.
  • The mattress is also hypoallergenic so it is a good choice for people who suffer from various allergies.
  • The mattress is 24 cm deep and will not require turning as it is single sided.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind whether your mattress contains eco-friendly fibres and having to flip it occasionally then you might want to consider the bestselling and slightly cheaper Sealy Millionaire Ortho mattress.

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  1. Very supportive so no bad back but the memory foam also makes it very comfortable!

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