Sealy Backcare Firm Mattress

For over a century and a quarter, the name Sealy has stood for exceptional quality and value. They do not sacrifice technology or research to develop products that are favoured by consumers the world over while offering them at truly affordable prices.


Firmness: Medium to Firm
Single Mattress Cost: From £145.00
Flipping Required: No
Contains Memory Foam: No

One mattress that truly epitomizes these qualities is the Back Care Firm model.

The Importance of a Supportive Mattress

Orthopaedic surgeons agree that one of the most common causes of back pains and aches is an old, or poorly constructed, mattress. These beds offer little, or meager, support and promote an improper angle of the neck and spine. When you sleep on anything less than a fully supportive mattress, you are doing daily damage to your back’s health.


Ready to buy the Sealy Backcare Firm mattress? Check its price and availability below:


If you have thought you simply could not afford to replace your old bed, think again. Sealy offers a wonderful line of low-cost mattresses that will fit into even the tightest of budgets. And since they are backed by the Sealy name and satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose by ordering one today. You might want to start by checking out these features of the Back Care Firm mattress.

Key Features of the Sealy Backcare Firm Mattress

  • This mattress uses the unique Sealy Posturepedic Spring System which will care for your back by giving it the support it needs.
  • The mattress also has soft and supportive fibre fillings for extra comfort.
  • For increased strength at the edges of the mattress a rod edge has been added.
  • The mattress is single sided and will not need turning over.
  • For to help the mattress to retain its shape for even longer it has been hand tufted.
  • The mattress is 25 cm deep.

About the Back Care Firm

Sealy Backcare FirmYou will not be sacrificing quality if you select a Back Care Firm mattress by Sealy. It is a full 25 centimetres deep and never needs turning. It is covered by sumptuously soft, hand-tufted upholstery which encase layer upon layer of fluffy fibre fillings.

But this mattress does not just look good – it provides the exceptional support of the patented Posturepedic system of cage springs. A medium to firm feel is enhanced by Sealy’s exclusive ‘edge 2 edge’ technology. This refers to the addition of a high density foam strip placed around the perimeter of the bed to provide strength along the edges, as well as in the bed’s centre.

Whether you are someone who prefers to sleep on your back or side, the Back Care Firm can accommodate any position, as well as your partner. This model is not just called the Back Care for nothing – it truly responds in a superior manner to your body and its movements.

And because the Back Care Firm is manufactured by Sealy, it comes with their comprehensive one year guarantee.

When you are ready to do something nice for your back, consider replacing your mattress. Try a Back Care Firm from Sealy to get the best value for your money whilst getting the best support for your aching back.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind spending a little more then it might be worth taking a look at Sealy’s Backcare Elite mattress, which is the model up from the Backcare Firm mattress.

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