Sealy Backcare Elite Mattress

The Sealy name is synonymous with quality and in fact, it is the number one mattress brand in the world.

And when you require a firm mattress for your bad back, the Sealy Backcare Elite Mattress delivers with its famous posturepedic support.

What Makes the Backcare Elite Special


Firmness: Very Firm
Single Mattress Cost: From £209.95
Flipping Required: Yes
Contains Memory Foam: No

Part of its ortho collection, the Sealy Backcare Elite Mattress is the end result of years of orthopaedic study. Surgeons, chiropractors and scientists engaged in orthopaedic studies were all involved in the development and testing of this mattress to ensure that you receive the best support possible.

If you require a very firm sleep surface, the Backcare Elite is the best choice for your back health.

Technologically Advanced Features

Sealy has patented its Backcare Elite spring system which was designed to counteract any movements and weight all across the mattress. In other words, deflection is zero which means if your bed companion turns over, you are not going to feel it on your side! The numerous small diameter springs serve as great shock absorbers and alleviate any pressure points you may have experienced with your old mattress.


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Backcare Elite MattressSupport for this Sealy mattress extends all the way to the edges, particularly the outer perimeters which normally sag first with inferior brands. The border incorporates stiff foam rods and each spring is attached to them. This extra feature provides just as much support for your body as if you were lying in the middle of the bed.

One of the best things about the Sealy Backcare Elite Mattress is that you do not have to turn it or flip it over. The firm support of the foam rods and small width of the springs ensures your mattress wears evenly. The mattress cover is a lush hand-tufted damask fabric which means soft comfort for your back.

If your physique is bigger than average, you will get as much support as someone smaller. The springs, rods and thick cushiony support are what make this Sealy mattress an excellent choice for someone wanting a long-lasting, durable model. Sleeping on the Elite can reduce the typical body pain you normally would have experienced on your old or inferior mattress.

Key Features of the Sealy Posturepedic Backcare Eltie Mattress

  • Uses the Zero Deflection Spring System which are the firmest springs in Sealy’s range.
  • Will provide you with the kind of support that you are looking for, even if you are heavier than your partner.
  • Weight will be distributed evenly across the surface of the mattress.
  • This mattress offers a super firm level of comfort which is ideal for people who suffer from pain in their back or spine.
  • Can be used with a slatted bed base or with divan bases.

Hotels, celebrities, sports figures and even royalty are loyal Sealy customers. It helps that Sealy continuously strives for greater innovations in mattresses. You benefit from their great strides in sleep technology. If you are seeking a firm sleep surface that babies your back and body, the Sealy Backcare Elite Mattress could be the best choice for you. With an affordable price tag and all basic sizes available, you can soon be sleeping peacefully which will ensure greater energy and a positive outlook in the morning.

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  1. I would have loved to have ordered this mattress but you do not deliver to N.IRELAND! Why not??

  2. Sorry, I’m not sure what the reasons are but as an alternative we’d recommend the Sealy Millionaire Ortho Mattress – this one does come with Northern Ireland delivery options:

  3. Very fast delivery and I’m very happy with the mattress, it provides excellent support for my back.

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