Rest Assured Zara 1400 Mattress

Finding a new mattress can be very confusing with so many different types and styles to choose from.

However, comfort should always be your main driving force in choosing a mattress and the Rest Assured Zara 1400 Mattress certainly ticks all of the boxes. You could quite easily never sleep on another mattress again if you purchase this one.

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Firmness: Firm
Flipping Required: No
Contains Memory Foam: No

The Rest Assured Zara 1400 Mattress is an orthopaedic mattress that has a firm level of support which is thanks to its individual pocket springs. These are high gauge springs which are incredibly responsive and will move to fit the shape of the individual or individuals who are using the mattress.

So if you have a problem with rolling together with your partner this will be a thing of the past when you start using this mattress.

To make the Rest Assured Zara 1400 Mattress even more comfortable it is filled with soft white fibres and it has a woven damask cover that is super soft and incredibly durable. The sides of the mattress are hand stitched which makes them very secure and means that the mattress will hold its shape even to the very edges.

For improved circulation inside the mattress, which is essential to prolong its life, there are air vents. These also help to keep you cool while you are using the mattress which helps you to stay even more comfortable throughout the night. This is essential if you want to maintain your temperature are not get too hot, which can lead to a disturbed night’s sleep.

The mattress can be used on a divan bed base or a slatted frame as it has bonded filling that will help to keep the springs in place even if they are used on slats. So if you are concerned about not being able to use this mattress on a slatted frame there is no need to be.

Add to this the fact that you do not need to turn the mattress and you can see why this is a very popular mattress.

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