Rest Assured Tiffany Mattress

As one of the oldest bed manufacturers in the UK, Rest Assured has plenty of experience in bed making.

In fact, they have incorporated the latest orthopaedic technologies along with the best materials to create a product like the Tiffany Mattress. It is perfect if you are a back sleep and require firm support for your body at an affordable price.

The Tiffany mattress is only available as a single mattress:

“Spring” into Action Each Day

It is the spring coil system that provides the support for most mattresses. This Rest Assured Tiffany Mattress has 1,000 individual pocket springs (up to 1,152 in the largest bed size).

In the bed industry, the more springs a bed has, the better the support. With this Tiffany model, you are guaranteed exceptional orthopaedic properties. Each individual spring conforms to the shape of your body, thereby alleviating pressure points, particularly in the lower back, hips and shoulder areas. You get a better night’s sleep because you wake up without the soreness.

Every single spring is encased in individual flexible fabric pouches. These pouches are secured to the neighbouring pouches which provide autonomous movement for each spring. This Rest Assured mattress is more responsive to your body movements and cradles the contour of your body for superior comfort. Because this Tiffany model is firm and great for back sleepers, the coiled springs are more rigid and have tightly packed fillings for maximum support.

Additional Construction Properties

The pocketed springs are surrounded by soft, luxurious cloth fillings and include polyester and felt fibres. This Rest Assured Tiffany Mattress also has something a little extra – a layer of memory foam. Memory foam was developed originally by NASA for astronauts and now has become a comfort standard in bedding. It is a dense, temperature sensitive material that conforms to the shape and size of your body when you lay on it. The memory foam, coupled with the 1,000+ spring system, acts as a supportive cocoon for your body, preventing pain and discomfort. Best of all, the memory foam retains its shape so you do not have to worry about wear and tear of the material.

The cover of the mattress is quite attractive with a high quality damask material and micro quilted stitching. There are vents built into the mattress sides to promote good air flow, for a cool night’s sleep. You do not even have to turn the Tiffany mattress over, thanks to the supportive spring system. With an additional support layer at the bottom, this Rest Assured bed is protected should you decide to use a slatted base versus a bedstead or divan base.

Excellent craftsmanship, superior orthopaedic technology and the highest quality materials are what make the Rest Assured Tiffany Mattress a must-have if you are seeking a firm bed. Rest assured that you will get a great night’s sleep.

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