Rest Assured Stella 2000 Mattress

You’ll be sleeping in the lap of luxury on the Rest Assured Stella 2000 Mattress. Can you imagine sleeping through the night without feeling sore or tired the next day?

If your current mattress droops or has lumps, it is time for a new one! What better choice to make than a bed from the Rest Assured mattress manufacturer with over a century of experience.

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Affordable Luxury

The high quality of the Stella 2000 mattress makes it feel like you are splurging when, in actuality, it is quite an affordable choice. The mattress cover is a hand-tufted natural cotton material with soft wool added for a luxurious feel. It features side stitching – three rows worth – and flag handles stitched into the sides so that you can easily rotate your bed should you want to.

The filling inside this Rest Assured mattress is of exceptional quality as well. You can expect natural materials like cotton in addition to sumptuous cashmere and soft silk. These fillings surround over 2,000 springs encased in individual cloth pouches. Other mattresses on the market typically have 1,000 or less. So you can imagine how much support all of these pocketed springs provide you!

Benefits of 2,000 Springs

The Rest Assured Stella Mattress is filled with 2,000 springs working independently to alleviate your pressure points by distributing your weight evenly. With your old mattress, you have probably been waking up with a sore back and even sore hips. The middle of your body carries the most weight so it makes sense that these body parts have the most pressure points and become sore.

With 2,000 springs encased individually and surrounded by natural cotton, polyester and silk and cashmere, you can “Rest Assured” that your slumber will be unencumbered by pain. In addition, with that many springs, you will not roll toward your partner in the middle of your bed. Thanks to all that support and lack of sagging in the mattress, you actually end up gaining more sleep space too!

The firm, body-cradling Stella mattress is specially designed so that you never have to flip the mattress over. Because of its exceptional support, you do not have to worry about your Rest Assured mattress showing significant wear and tear that would warrant the mattress flipping.

If you want a good night’s sleep on a firm mattress with the look and feel of luxury, go no further than the Rest Assured Stella 2000. After one night’s sleep, you will probably wonder how you ever got by without it.

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