Rest Assured Restapocket 800 Mattress

Rest Assured has been a leading manufacturer of high quality bedding in the UK for over 100 years. Once you lay down on a mattress like the Restapocket 800, you can experience firsthand the comfort and support found only in a Rest Assured mattress.

Superior Construction of Rest Assured’s Restapocket 800 Mattress

When it comes to utilising the latest advancements in the manufacture of mattresses, Rest Assured does a most excellent job. They combine luxurious materials, uniquely constructed pocket springs, and thick filling layers to produce a mattress that is so comfortable, you’ll think you are sleeping on a cloud.

The Restapocket 800 Mattress from Rest Assured comes in three different sizes, all with free next day delivery in the UK:

Why a Rest Assured Mattress?


Firmness: Soft
Single Mattress Cost: From £165.00
Flipping Required: Yes
Contains Memory Foam: No

With all the different mattress manufacturers available in the UK, why choose Rest Assured? Well, for one thing they have been in the business of making beds since 1898. They now have it down to a science – and that science is reflected in the unique construction of their Restapocket pocket springs.

The Restapocket support system is composed of hundreds of precision-made coil springs. Each is individually wrapped in a cotton sleeve that holds it in place to provide the exactly correct amount of tension every time you lay on it. The pocket springs, along with various depths of fillings, work together to offer soft, medium, or firm support.

The Restapocket springs are individual, responsive, and independent, moulding to your body shape and size in your own personal sleeping zone. When you sleep with a partner, this unique support system means you won’t feel the other person moving throughout the night.

Key Features of the Rest Assured Restapocket 800 Mattress:

  • Mattress contains a layer of pocket springs which are all individually nested in a fabric pocket.
  • Total support thanks to the pocket springs.
  • The mattress also contains fibre fillings that will help to make it even more comfortable to sleep on.
  • Hand tufted for increased stability at the edges.
  • The mattress is double sided which means you can turn it to keep it performing well.
  • The mattress is 22 cm deep which means you will feel relaxed and supported when using it.

Qualities of the Restapocket 800

The Restapocket 800 mattress utilises the pocket spring support system described above. Its 800 springs, found throughout the king-sized model, all work independently like pistons poised to adjust accordingly and respond to every little movement. This gives advanced orthopaedic support and prevents back aches and body pains.

Surrounding these hundreds of Restapocket springs are thick layers of fibre fillings and hand-tufted upholstery to give it a full 22 centimetres depth. This gives the mattress a very soft feel, perfect for anyone with sensitivity to pressure. This mattress does have to be turned, but convenient handles along the side make this chore a breeze.

Rest Assured’s one year satisfaction guarantee and five-year warranty make the purchase of a Restapocket Ortho 800 mattress one you will definitely not regret. Order your new mattress today and receive it as early as tomorrow – and start enjoying a great night’s sleep.

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  1. A fantastic bed and great value for money!

  2. Very soft which is just what we were looking for.

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