Rest Assured Pocket Latex Range

The Rest Assured Company utilises its 100+ years of experience of making high quality bedding and a number of spectacular touches to make the Pocket Latex range.

All of these mattresses are crafted with layers of exclusive innergetic latex, a natural material of springy composition especially developed to be highly responsive. You won’t find this material in bedding from any other manufacturer.

The Pocket Latex collection features the Ortho Verona 1000, the Rossini 1000, the Puccini 1400, and the top of the line Ortho Salerno 2000 and Bellini 2000. Compare them here and decide which one is perfect for your bedroom.

The Pocket Latex Ortho Verona 1000

The firm support of the Ortho Verona 1000 is provided by 1,000 individually pocketed springs.

A thick layer of innergetic latex along with natural, soft wool and silk fibres cushion the support system and offers extreme comfort. The hypoallergenic nature of the filling fibres along with side air vents keeps this mattress fresh and bacteria-free for many years. Plus, you never need to turn it.

The Pocket Latex Rossini 1000

The Latex Rossini 1000 also features 1,000 of Rest Assured’s unique cotton-encased pocket springs. Atop these highly supportive springs, plush layers of springy latex and hypoallergenic fibres assure a comfortable night’s sleep. Relief from the pain of pressure points along with elimination of allergens provides the perfect environment for one or more sleepers to enjoy their own personal comfort zone. A micro-quilted top makes this mattress not only supportive and comfortable, but handsome as well.

The Pocket Latex Puccini 1400

A step up from the Ortho Verona 1000 and Rossini 1000, the Puccini 1400 employs a total of 1,400 unique Restapocket springs in the king-sized model. Of course, it is also topped by a layer of the exclusive innergetic latex material and fillings of naturally hypoallergenic fibres. Orthopaedic support, non-roll together construction, and a highly responsive sleeping surface all combine to make for a truly restful sleep. Side handles make it easy to turn end to end, yet this mattress needs never be flipped.

The Pocket Latex Ortho Salerno 2000

For even more support, the Ortho Salerno 2000 incorporates 2,000 individually encased pocket springs that perform like pistons adjusting to every point of contact. Along with a plush layer of innergetic latex, natural wool and silk are hand-tufted to the luxuriant upholstery. All of these features make the Ortho Salerno 2000 hypoallergenic, convenient, and resistant to moisture and bacteria build-up.

The Pocket Latex Bellini 2000

When you really want to pamper yourself, consider the Pocket Latex Bellini 2000. A full 2,000 pocket springs provide individualised, independent support to each sleeper. Outstanding orthopaedic support combines with thick, plush layers of innergetic, hypoallergenic latex to respond in a superior fashion to all points of contact, all the way across the bed’s surface.

Perfect for couples with its non roll together construction, for allergy sufferers due to its air vents preventing bacteria build-up, and back pain sufferers with its advanced orthopaedic support, the Bellini 2000 is the ideal mattress for nearly anyone, in any room.

When it comes to combining modern technology with time-honoured tradition, the Pocket Latex range from Rest Assured is the best choice.

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