Rest Assured Ortho 1400 Mattress

Millions of consumers worldwide suffer from back pain and the number one cause is an old, lumpy mattress. These days, great advances in the construction methods and manufacture of bedding means that it is easy to get a great night’s sleep and save your back from further pain.

Rest Assured’s Restapocket Ortho 1400 mattress is one that certainly fits the bill.

Reasons to Choose Rest Assured

When it comes to manufacturing high-quality mattresses, Rest Assured is a leader in the UK. If you’ve never tried this company’s products, here are some good reasons to start now:

  • Over 100 years experience – Rest Assured has been in business since 1898
  • Technological advances – their research and development department designed the company’s unique Restapocket pocket spring support system
  • Quality – the superior construction of Rest Assured’s mattresses ensure that your purchase will keep providing specific support for years, whether it is soft, medium or firm
  • Construction – hundreds of pocket springs combine with thick layers of natural fibre fillings to provide both comfort and support

Details of the Restapocket Ortho 1400

The Restapocket Ortho 1400 is specifically designed in accordance with orthopaedic standards for relieving pressure on the back. Its 1400 pocket springs (in the king size mattress) function as individual pistons to provide overall support. Each spring is wrapped in a covering of natural cotton and adjusted to provide just the right tension.

The Ortho 1400 mattress comes with free next day delivery. Select your required size below to view the price:

The advanced design of the Restapocket springs provides a great night’s sleep through the elimination of pressure points that cause pain. They are covered by sumptuous layers of fibre fillings for a full 25 centimetres of depth. The upholstery is hand-tufted and attractively patterned.


Firmness: Medium to Firm
Single Mattress Cost: From £255.00
Flipping Required: No
Contains Memory Foam: No

Convenience is also a feature of the Restapocket Ortho 1400. It need never be flipped, but it is recommended that the mattress be turned head to foot periodically in the first few months of purchase to allow the springs to properly settle into place.

Rest Assured’s Restapocket mattresses are suitable for either a divan base or slatted bedstead. They are available in all standard sizes to fit in any bedroom.

When you purchase a Rest Assured mattress such as the Restapocket Ortho 1400, you are guaranteed to love it. Each mattress is backed by a one year guarantee of satisfaction and five years’ warranty.

Key Features of the Rest Assured Restapocket Ortho 1400 Mattress

  • Mattress contains pocket springs that are all in their own fabric pocket.
  • The springs will respond to weight to support your neck, back, shoulder and joints.
  • The mattress contains soft and luxurious fibre fillings for even more comfort.
  • The mattress will only need occasional head to toe turning as it is single sided.
  • The mattress offers a medium to firm level of comfort when it is in use.
  • Mattress is a fantastic 25cm deep.

So treat your back right starting tonight. Choose the Restapocket Ortho 1400 for the ultimate in sleeping comfort and support for your spine.

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  1. Quite firm but still very comfortable.

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