Rest Assured Lola 1400 Mattress

Over 100 years have gone into the Rest Assured mattress lines. It is this history of bed making, along with the latest orthopaedic technologies and the best materials that ensure you get a great night’s sleep with any mattress in the Rest Assured product line.

If you want firm support at an affordable price, consider the Lola 1400 Mattress. It’s also available with free UK delivery:

What the 1400 means

The “1400” in the Rest Assured Lola Mattress name refers to 1,400 individually encased coiled springs in its king-sized model. The higher the number of springs is, the better the support. This Lola model has excellent orthopaedic properties. The springs conform to the shape and size of your body and helps alleviate pressure points. This means that your body is less likely to become sore so you can get a good night’s rest.

Other Attractive Properties

Each of the 1,400 springs is surrounded by plush cloth fillings for optimal softness. Some of these fillings include felt and cloud-soft polyester fibres. This Rest Assured mattress is hand-tufted and also offers machine stitching for optimal quality. While the filling is quite soft, the 1,400 springs offer the medium to firm support you need to sleep comfortably.

There are vents incorporated into the side of this mattress which allows for good air flow, ensuring you have a cool night’s sleep. In addition, the flag-sewn handles into the sides allow for easy mattress rotation when you need it. The good news about the Lola 1400 Mattress is that you do not have flip it over to even the wear and tear. It is specially designed to stay on one side.

Thanks to the individual pocket springs that work independently of each other, two people can share this Rest Assured mattress without worrying about rolling into each other. In fact, you likely will never know when your bed partner gets in and out of bed in the middle of the night.

The comfort level of the Lola 1400 mattress is quite high which means you will fall asleep more easily and stay asleep. You will move naturally rather than develop pain in the back or hips due to increased pressure points. Support is synonymous with Rest Assured’s quality.

If the high quality materials, technological design and excellent craftsmanship are not enough, consider the mattress company’s excellent five year warranty and affordable price. Ditch your sagging, lumpy mattress without any back support and go with the Rest Assured Lola 1400. You could soon be sleeping like a baby.

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