Rest Assured Company Profile

The Rest Assured Company has long a favourite of British consumers and wholesalers. Their bedding products are manufactured with a high degree of quality but still priced affordably. Their dedication to changing production methods to utilise the technological advances in the industry makes the company stand at the forefront of UK bedding manufacturers.

About the Rest Assured Company – Then and Now

Rest Assured CompanyFor over a century, since 1898, Rest Assured has been creating quality bedding for the UK market. In this time, they have perfected the art and science of producing mattresses offering the ultimate in comfort and support. Not content to rely on old systems, the R&D department is constantly looking for updated ways and means of manufacture whilst including new materials like memory foam.

Recently Rest Assured became a full member of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme. Not every company can become a member; they must demonstrate a commitment to sustainability of social, economic and environmental factors throughout the operation.

For Rest Assured, this includes instituting a company-wide policy of environment preservation and showing compliance with legalities regarding safety, health, and the environment. In total, the company has in place six environmental policies and four policies regarding social and economic issues. In addition, they have demonstrated a commitment to managing the operation with energy, waste and packaging concerns all designed to help sustain the environment. Their manufacturing methods utilise sustainable timber, as well.

Rest Assured Bedding Products

The coil system Rest Assured uses to construct their mattresses is a unique one. Individually wrapped coils are encased in a cloth sleeve that allows the mattress to move in response to any pressure, yet maintains a specific tension to provide a variety of firmness levels. Each Rest Assured bed contains hundreds of these pocket springs covered by thick and comfortable layers of natural and man-made fibres.

Rest Assured also utilises an exclusive ‘no turn’ technology. The advanced fibre filling is specifically formulated to keep its shape and resist the natural urge to settle into the coil springs. Rest Assured mattresses need only be turned from head to foot on occasion and never need to be flipped over, providing convenience to the owner.

Even though they embrace new materials and technologies, Rest Assured continues to practise hand-tufting on each mattress cover. This is a timeless, traditional method of finishing that ensures all the layers of thick and fluffy upholstery stay in place and that the mattress enjoys a long life. In fact, the Rest Assured Company will replace any broken tufts for the life of the mattress in addition to their standard five year warranty for material or workmanship defects.

It is obvious that both then and now, Rest Assured is a company committed to value, quality, technology, and environmental concerns.

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