Rest Assured Buying Guide

With over a century of experience in making fine quality bedding, Rest Assured is a trusted company with the proven ability to offer great value.

Rest AssuredThey combine traditional methods of manufacture, like hand-tufting, along with new production techniques and modern materials, such as visco elastic. All of their bedding features the company’s unique wrapped coil system that consistently retains tension to provide the designated degree of firmness.

There is a Rest Assured mattress for any need. Take a look at this overview of some of their more popular collections to decide which one will be just perfect for you.

The Restapocket Collection

All of the mattresses in the Restapocket collection are made with hundreds of individually cotton-wrapped pocket springs that give a superior response to pressure while providing advanced orthopaedic support. Layers of natural and fibre fillings – some including a thick layer of memory foam – are secured to the coils with hand tufting.

This means a Restapocket mattress never needs to be flipped, but merely turned end to end on occasion. A Restapocket mattress is one you will treasure for a long time and is backed by the manufacturer’s five-year warranty against defects.

The Bedstead Collection

As the name implies, mattresses in the Bedstead collection are specifically designed to be the perfect mate to any style of slatted bed frame. Along with the company’s signature pocket spring construction and light, airy filling fibres such as silk and cashmere, air vents along the sides extend the life of the mattress by allowing it to “breathe” and reduce moisture build-up. Convenient handles help you turn the mattress as needed. Fine silky fabric is used on the upholstery along with Rest Assured’s traditional hand tufting.

The Pocket Latex Ortho Collection

These beds combine the Rest Assured pocket spring system along with a layer of innergetic latex. Made to provide superior, firm support to the sleeper, Pocket Latex Ortho mattresses are the perfect choice for anyone who suffers from back or neck pain. The company’s exclusive latex is much more responsive than traditional materials and adds to both the support and comfort of the bed. Combined with natural and hypoallergenic fillings, all of these layers, along with air vents, help keep the mattress free of bacteria, dust, and moisture.

The Pocket Classic Collection

For those who desire a more traditional bed, the Pocket Classic collection of mattresses is perfect. Utilising a dense collection of individually nested pocket springs covered by layers of natural fibre fillings such as wool and silk, Pocket Classic mattresses are traditional, yet provide a superior system of support combined with exceptional comfort. Air vents help extend the life of these beds by reducing moisture and allowing the materials to breathe. All of the Pocket Classic collection pieces are backed by a one-year guarantee of satisfaction and the manufacturer’s five-year warranty.

Any of these collections from Rest Assured are sure to please even the most pernickety of sleepers. Whether you sleep with a partner and want assurance you won’t roll together in the night, or wish a mattress with firm, orthopaedic support, you can find it with Rest Assured – and at an unbeatable price.

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