Rest Assured Bedstead Classic Range

For classic comfort and support along with high quality and exceptional value, you cannot beat the Bedstead Classic collection of mattresses from Rest Assured.

Made with time-honoured, traditional hand-tufting and fluffy, natural fibre and manmade fillings such as silk, wool, cashmere, and polyester, these beds may be classic but they also provide modern construction and support systems that make them far superior to that old model you may still have in your bedroom.

All of the Bedstead Classic range of bedding is specifically designed to work perfectly with slatted bed frames.

From the Bedstead Classic collection, there are three perennial favourites amongst UK consumers. These include the Willow 2000, the Aspen 1000, and the Rowan 1400. Compare for yourself and find the perfect one for your needs.

The Bedstead Classic Willow 2000

Along with Rest Assured’s unique pocket spring system that encases each spring in an individual cotton pocket, the natural fibre fillings in the Classic Willow 2000 provide exceptional breathability to this mattress. Sumptuously layered atop a full 2,000 pocket springs, cashmere, silk, and wool provides a soft and plush cushion that is hand-tufted to the beautiful upholstery. The Willow 2000 is 23 centimetres deep.

The advantages to this model include its support system with piston-like action providing personalised sleeping zones to each sleeper. This superior foundation eliminates pressure points on the back, spine, and neck and provides a truly relaxing sleeping experience. Additionally, side stitching keeps the medium level of firmness from edge to edge. The natural fibre fillings and side air vents allow moisture to escape and prevent a build-up of dust.

The Bedstead Classic Aspen 1000

This model from the Bedstead Classic range offered by Rest Assured contains 1,000 pocket springs in the king-sized version. These individually nested springs are highly responsive and work independently to provide support. Comfort is a given with the layers and layers of fluffy fillings to make this mattress 23 centimetres deep.

Side air vents and the special construction of materials make the Classic Aspen 1000 less susceptible to the growth of mould and moisture. The soft and silky upholstery is hand tufted to the pocket springs and filling fibres for the ultimate in plush and relaxing comfort. This double-sided mattress is easily turned via the flag-stitched handles along each side.

The Bedstead Classic Rowan 1400

The Rowan 1400 contains 1,400 of Rest Assured’s exclusive cotton-wrapped pocket springs (in the king size). Atop this foundation, layers of silk, cashmere, and wool offer a plump and plush sleeping surface for both superior comfort and support. Edge to edge springs prevent two sleepers from rolling together in the night whilst providing independent, personal sleeping zones perfect for a couple. Side air vents and the natural fibre fillings enhance air circulation.

All of the mattresses in the Bedstead Classic Range are offered with a minimum one year warranty and satisfaction guarantee. Any of these models would be a handsome addition to the bedroom and perfectly complements an existing bed frame.

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