Relyon Memory Royale 1250 Mattress

The Memory Royale 1250 mattress is not only incredibly comfortable it also combines two of the very best mattress technologies – memory foam and pocket springs.

The Relyon Memory Royale 1250 Mattress comes in 4 sizes, and all sizes come with next day delivery:

Mattresses that use memory foam and pocket springs will give support that is unsurpassed combined with the bounce and responsiveness of a sprung mattress.


Firmness: Medium
Double Mattress Cost: From £385.00
Flipping Required: No
Contains Memory Foam: No

As the mattress offers a medium level of comfort it is not as hard as many of the memory foam mattresses out there which means it can be used by adults or children. It also comes in several sizes – small double, double, king size and super king size, just choose the size that you need.

The memory foam that is in this mattress is a fantastic 50 mm deep which will add to your comfort levels. When you lay on the mattress the memory foam will change shape to fit every part of your body that is in contact with it perfectly as it responds to changes in weight and temperature.

Memory Royale 1250 MattressYou will not feel as though the mattress is bending or sagging in any part, the only thing you will experience is support like you have never felt before.

To add to this support there is a layer of pocket springs under the memory foam and these are fast to react to changes in weight.

As soon as you lay on the pocket springs they will work like pistons and spring back to support your body. The fact that each pocket ring is enclosed in a fabric pocket means that every spring is able to move without affecting those around it.

To make using this mattress even more convenient it is single sided and will not require turning. This makes it a good choice for anyone who is unable to turn their mattress in order to extend its life. It can also be used on divan bases and most bed frames which is good news for many people.

Key Features of the Memory Royale 1250 Mattress:

  • The mattress is hypoallergenic so it can easily be used by anyone who suffers from various allergies.
  • The memory foam and pocket springs will work together to support your entire body and prevent pressure from building up in any of your joints.
  • The mattress is an incredibly comfortable 29 cm deep to give you a fantastic night’s sleep night after night.
  • The cover of the mattress is removable which means that it can be easily washed and put back on with the minimum of fuss.

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User Reviews

  1. Good value given that it’s Relyon and very comfortable. It could do with having handles but I guess as it doesn’t need flipping they decided not to add them.

  2. Very satisfied.

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