Relyon Memory Pocket Sensation Mattress

If you want to give your spine and neck the support they need during the night the Memory Pocket Sensation Mattress from Relyon is superb.

To buy this mattress start by selecting a size below:

The mattress contains a layer of memory foam which will fit your body shape and provide support at the same time, it also contains a layer of pocket springs which will respond to your weight and give you even more support at all times.


Firmness: Soft
Double Mattress Cost: From £219.00
Flipping Required: Yes
Contains Memory Foam: Yes

Support like this is essential to give you a sound sleep every night which will help you to wake up feeling refreshed and without any of the aches and pains that you might have had to suffer with in the past.

As well as this amazing support the Relyon Memory Pocket Mattress also has:

- A soft level of comfort which is recommended for people who are lighter than average as it will give them the support they need without being too hard. Soft support does not mean that you are buying a mattress that will be soft and likely to sag, so if you are concerned about this there is no need to be.

- Pocket springs which are all 5” tall for fantastic support across the entire surface of the mattress. Each pocket spring has the ability to move independently so you will never feel as though any part of the mattress is not giving you the support that you need to be comfortable. This will also prevent you from rolling together with your partner during the night.

Relyon Memory Pocket Sensation- The cover of the mattress can be removed so you can clean it when needed. Having this kind of convenience is important, especially if you are purchasing the mattress for use in a child’s bedroom where drinks and so on can be spilt on the mattress.

- Keep your mattress in fantastic condition by rotating it every 4 months or so. Doing this will make sure that your mattress is always performing well and you will notice the difference in the comfort that you feel each night. As a result the mattress is two sided so you will have the same sleeping surface available whichever way round it is.

- The total height of the mattress is a generous 20cm and this is made up of the pocket springs and the memory foam which will work together to bring you support and comfort where you need it all night long.

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