Relyon Luxury Memory Pocket Platinum 1475 Mattress

If you are looking for a mattress that mixes high grade memory foam with pocket springs then this mattress could be exactly what you need.


Firmness: Medium to Firm
Double Mattress Cost: From £499.00
Flipping Required: No
Contains Memory Foam: Yes

The Relyon Luxury Memory Pocket Platinum 1475 mattress is a high quality mattress that will help you to care for your neck, back, shoulders, spine and joints with ease.

It is a generous 24.1 cm deep which means that you will feel as though you are floating on a cloud when you sleep on this medium to firm comfort mattress.

Available with free next day UK delivery, the Pocket Platinum mattress is available in 4 sizes:

The mattress contains pocket springs which are known for creating one of the most comfortable sleeping surfaces possible. This is due to the fact that pocket springs can move independently to the ones around them. So even if you are tossing and turning you will find that your mattress will not bend or dip at any time.

Relyon Platinum 1475 Mattress With pocket springs being wrapped in their own individual cotton pocket they are very responsive and incredibly comfortable.

For additional comfort and supreme support the Relyon Luxury Memory Pocket Platinum 1475 Mattress also contains a layer of memory foam that is high grade (55kg/m).

High grade memory foam is recommended for use in mattresses by healthcare professionals due to the fact that it is so excellent at supporting the body. Memory foam will react to temperature and weight and will gradually change its surface shape to fit a person’s body exactly. This means that within a few minutes of laying on a memory foam mattress a person will feel as though it has been specially made for them.

Key Features of the Relyon Luxury Memory Pocket Platinum 1475 Mattress

  • Luxury mattress that has 1,475 individual pocket springs in the king size version.
  • Memory foam is on top of the springs which will change shape to fit your body, giving you increased support all night long.
  • Under the memory foam is a layer of reflex foam which is highly responsive and will support you even more.
  • The mattress offers a medium to firm level of comfort and is perfect for people who suffer from back pain.
  • To reduce moisture the mattress has air vents.

Below the memory foam is a layer of latex foam for additional support and responsiveness.

Soft white fillings are also contains within this mattress which are made from natural fibres. These help to make the matter is even more soft and sumptuous and a dream to use each night. The mattress is also hypoallergenic and has air vents at the sides to reduce the build up of moisture within it.

The Relyon Luxury Memory Pocket Platinum 1475 Mattress does not need to be turned, only rotated every few months and you can use the side handles to help you to do this with ease.

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  1. This is a fantastic mattress. So comfortable.

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