Myers Sceptre Mattress

If you are in the market for a good quality, entry level mattress, then you may find just what you are looking for, and more, in a Myers mattress.


Firmness: Medium
Single Mattress Cost: From £149.00
Flipping Required: Yes
Contains Memory Foam: No

In fact, not all lower-end bedding is alike. Whilst you may not be overly concerned about the features or support of an occasionally used bed, you should be aware that there is no need to sacrifice these components just for price.

In fact Myers, which has been making and selling mattresses in the UK for over a century and a quarter, offers a great option for an entry level bed in the Sceptre.


The Myers Sceptre mattress comes with free next day delivery. To view its price start by selecting your required size below:


Factors to Consider

Before you start shopping for your standard mattress, there are several factors you should consider to make a viable comparison between brands.

Examine the bed from the outside and pay attention to the type of ticking it has. On a good quality, entry level mattresses you should see micro-quilting that securely attaches the fabric to its backing, such as Myers provides. It should good, and feel soft and silky.

Next, consider the type of support system. For most beds in the lower price range, you will find open coil, or Bonnell, springs. Whilst this does not provide the same support as the more superior memory foam, it is still a great foundation for a good night’s sleep. Pay attention, however, to the size and length of the springs. For instance, Myers utilises six inch springs for greater comfort.

And lastly, find out what type of material is being used as filling. You will usually find polyester, which enjoys good recovery and high resilience. A more comfortable night’s sleep will be had if the mattress uses cotton on top of the synthetic material. Myers adds a layer of coir fibre, a protective, insulating layer that comes from coconut fibres.

About the Sceptre

Myers’ entry level mattress is called the Sceptre. Its open coil spring system can be upgraded to a Backcare unit. This employs a greater number of springs with increased resistance to provide firmer support to both the neck and spine.

The mattress is plenty deep, at 23 centimetres – much of that fluffy polyester fibre filling covering the six inch springs.

The Sceptre comes with some great features you might not expect in a mattress priced this low. The damask cover is micro-quilted in a beautiful design. It has flag-stitched handles along each side to aid in turning the mattress. And this bed comes with an unbelievable warranty of a full 12 years and a satisfaction guarantee of one year.

The Sceptre mattress from Myers is a great way to start enjoying the fine quality of this company’s products whilst not draining your pocketbook.

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