Myers Phoenix Mattress

Every mattress in the Myers product line is backed by a twelve year manufacturer’s warranty. This is over twice the standard five years of others.

This unprecedented warranty is a sign that the company’s mattresses, especially those like the Myers Phoenix Mattress, is of exceptional quality and they know they have the craftsmanship to back it.

The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

Without proper sleep and rest, your health can be affected. Being tired all the time can cause irritability and fatigue. This can affect your personal relationships and undermine your immune system. And if you cannot get comfortable on your bed, the shadow of pain can also be distressing. However, if you have the right mattress, you can quickly rebound.

Phoenix Mattress Features


Firmness: Medium
Single Mattress Cost: From £169.00
Flipping Required: No
Contains Memory Foam: No

The Myers Phoenix mattress boasts a twin spring system. This means it has two different sets of springs that are layered, one on top of the other. There is a bendable casing between each spring layer which provides a resilient surface. It also supplies firm support from below as well.

With 325 springs on each layer, you get a total of 650 which offers a great orthopaedic foundation for your body.

Surrounding the supportive springs are fibre fillings made from dense, luxury fabrics.

These upholstery layers that serve as the fillings are thick and plush for optimal comfort. This Myers mattress cover is micro quilted which means that the top layers are secured together for a smooth, overall appearance. It is made of a Belgian damask fabric with a rich look.

You will discover on your Phoenix mattress that there are turning handles on the sides so that it is easy for you to rotate it on your bed foundation to ensure even wear. However, you do not have to turn over the mattress due to its exceptional craftsmanship.

The Myer’s Phoenix Mattress is usually available to purchase in all sizes:

This Myers mattress is suitable for not only divan bases but also other types of foundations as well. Of course, there are some specially made bed furniture pieces to choose from should you want to upgrade your current bedroom furniture situation. The Phoenix is available in several sizes, based on your individual needs.


In terms of firmness, this mattress is a medium level of firmness. This means that you can expect some cushiony softness with just enough support to ease the pressure points of your body during sleep.

As everyone needs different levels of firmness, if you want a bed that is not too firm and not too soft, the Myers Phoenix Mattress could be the best option for you. Get some rest – get the Phoenix.

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