Myers Norfolk Mattress

Choosing a mattress is a very personal thing and if you are on the lookout for a mattress that will protect and support your back the Myers Norfolk mattress is a very good choice.


Firmness: Medium
Single Mattress Cost: From £349.00
Contains Memory Foam: No

It is an open sprung mattress that is great for people who want a medium level of comfort. Medium mattresses are good for older children or for adults who find that sleeping on a firm mattress is a little uncomfortable.

The springs inside these mattresses are smaller than in many others which means that they are incredibly responsive. They will also move to support your individual body shape which means that you will find the mattress is really comfortable.

The Myers Norfolk model is available either as a mattress or as a Divan Bed:

After using this mattress for just over a week we found that we were getting to sleep much faster than we had before and we were sleeping right through the night. We were not tossing and turning which had been a major problem for me in the past. This was all thanks to the fact that this mattress is so comfortable and supportive.

Myers Norfolk mattressThe cover of the mattress is made from a quilted fabric which only adds to its warm and sumptuous feeling while you are laying on it. Add this to the soft fillings and you will wonder why you had not got this mattress sooner.

It performs really well night after night and will give you the comfort that you need.

In addition to being incredibly comfortable and highly supportive the Myers Norfolk mattress is also really good value for money. In fact after sleeping on this mattress you will feel as though you had been sleeping on a luxury mattress.

So if you want to make sure that your back and join are supported all night long this is the mattress that you should be thinking about.

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