Myers Memory Excellence Mattress

Why is memory foam such a popular material for modern mattresses? There are many reasons and when you try one for yourself, you will certainly be able to feel the difference immediately.

About Memory Foam

Visco elastic, or memory foam, is a very unique material. It responds in a superior fashion to both pressure and heat. This conformability quickly made it the preferred material for mattresses in hospitals and nursing facilities where many patients had to lie prone for long periods of time. This helped to alleviate bed sores caused by pressure points from a traditional type of bed.

It wasn’t long before bedding manufacturers decided that what was good for bed-bound patients would be even better for consumers who wanted a truly great night’s sleep. And indeed, memory foam mattresses are more popular than ever because they provide exceptional support, are very resilient and long-lasting, and are ideal for partners since the material absorbs motion.

About the Myers Memory Excellence

The Myer’s Mattress Company has taken the unique properties of memory foam one step further and incorporated a thick layer of this modern material atop a traditional cage sprung foundation. In the Memory Excellence model, there is a full 50 mm of high-grade memory foam made with Polymer technology for superior resilience. This is combined with a density of 55 kg/m that provides a luxuriant sleeping surface. Overall the mattress is 17 cm deep.

Beneath this thick layer of memory foam lays a cage sprung unit. Between these two systems, the Memory Excellence mattress supplies overall support for the total body – support that moulds to every pressure point, neck to back and beyond. It also provides the most popular medium level of comfort.

Beyond its superior support, this mattress is hypoallergenic and it never needs to be turned over. Turning it end to end is made easier with convenient side handles. The micro-quilted top is as pretty as is it comfortable.

The Memory Excellence is backed by a full 12-year warranty against defects and a one year guarantee of satisfaction. This is a phenomenal warranty that ensures you will continue to be satisfied with your purchase for many years to come.

What the Myer’s Memory Excellence mattress does that other company’s products don’t is combine the unique benefits of memory foam with a supportive coil system. This combination is both exceedingly supportive and truly comfortable. When you are shopping for a new bed, consider this mattress that is excellent for partners and anyone who wants relief from pressure points.

Unfortunately the Memory Excellence mattress is no longer available in the UK. However, Myers do still manufacture the following very popular mattresses:

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