Myers Mattresses – The Complete Buying Guide

Before you start shopping for a mattress, be aware that there are many variables to influence your decision. There are a variety of materials and fibres, any manner of covers and quilting, and great range of support systems available on the market today.

MyersMany people prefer to stick with the tried and true. Myers Bed Company fits the bill. The company has been in business for well over a century and a third. Each and every one of their products is scrutinised according to the high standards for quality that Myers has set.

If you’re looking to purchase a Myers mattress then you can view the full range below, many of which are available with free next day delivery:

While you truly cannot go wrong in selecting any Myers mattress for your bed, take a look at some of the following factors to decide just which one is best for you.

The Mattress Cover

Myers utilises several different types of mattress covers, or ticking. The higher end products are covered in very fine quality damask that is tufted whilst others, such as the Ultrapaedic Firm mattress, are fitted with micro-quilted material. Some of the newer mattresses use knitted stretch fabric.

Whatever the fabric covering the mattress, it will come in either a tufted or quilted finish. Micro-quilting results in a smoother surface, such as you will find on the Envoy mattress. Some people prefer the extra luxury from the puffier, tufted ticking which provides a firmer surface and is found on the more expensive models like the Luxury Comfort and Double Memory Deluxe.

Support Options

The type of support the mattress gives is perhaps its most important feature. Myers has developed some unique systems for their bedding, whilst also employing the traditional spring units.

In their lower end, or Durable line of mattresses, Myers utilises the open coil, or Bonnell spring system. The springs are surrounded synthetic material, which recovers nicely after pressure. This is the type of support found on the Myers Sceptre and Ultrapaedic Firm mattress.

Next in line is Myers’ exclusive twin spring system. With this, two springs are combined to provide a superior response to a body’s weight and temperature and constructed with 70 mm of memory foam. This type of support can be found in both the Sculpture and Envoy mattresses.

Finally, Myers offers some of their bedding with pocket springs. This construction ensures that two sleepers will not roll together during the night.

Mattress Fillings

In a Myers mattress, you will find either polyester or cotton fillings, depending on the line it belongs to. Their mid- to high-range mattresses also include a layer of coir fibre atop fluffy cotton to provide additional insulation and protection for the sleeper.

This is a guide to get you started finding the right Myers mattress to fit your needs. With so many options to choose from and an assurance that every one is of the highest quality, you truly cannot go wrong with any selection manufactured by the Myers Company.

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