Myers Luxury Backcare Mattress

When you select a Myer’s mattress, you receive the benefit of years of experience in the bed making business and the modern technology that makes it the superior choice for back and spine support.

If you are looking for a new mattress for your bed and back or neck pain is a concern, then you will certainly want to check out the Myer’s Luxury Backcare.

About Myers Mattress Company

The Myer’s Company has been doing business in the UK since 1876, witnessing the passing of three centuries. It has always been managed over the course of its more than a century and a quarter history by a member of the Myer family. That consistency and reliability equal an unparalleled ability to bring vast experience and expertise to every mattress that the Myer’s Company produces.

At one point in the company’s history, they held the Royal Warrant which allowed them to supply bedding to the Royal Family. If their mattresses are good enough for the Queen, they must surely be something special!

Special Features of the Luxury Backcare

The Myer’s Luxury Backcare is indeed something special. Designed with superior support and comfort for your back in mind, it utilises the recommendation of orthopaedic surgeons to provide firm support that ensures the spine is properly aligned during sleep.

To accomplish this, Myer’s includes 1,200 pocket springs in the king-sized mattress, giving it ultimate firm support with medium tension in the springs. The springs themselves are pretty special, too. The patented design allows the spring system to work like a series of pistons, all independent of each other, in order to provide support to each millimetre of the body.

Extra value comes from the luxurious details that Myer’s adds. It is hand-tufted, rather than machine-quilted, and features premium cotton and wool filling materials. This gives the Luxury Backcare a firm feel even though the springs provide medium tensile resistance. The natural fibres along with side venting make the mattress “breathable” so that it resists moisture build-up and lasts longer.

The Luxury Backcare is truly a minimal care bed. It never needs to be turned; only an occasional end to end change is needed to maintain its superior support over the years. And when that chore needs to be done, side handles make it easy.

Unfortunately the Luxury Backcare mattress is no longer produced by Myers. However, you can browse through each of their bestsellers below:

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