Myers Envoy Mattress

The Myers Bed Company has been in the business of making beds for a long time. So long, in fact, that they are one of the oldest manufacturers of mattresses in the country.

But there is more to recommend a Myers mattress than merely their long history and vast experience. In 1986, the company was awarded the Royal Warrant to supply all the bedding for the Royal Family. And indeed, their attention to detail and high standards for quality have only continued over the intervening years. Today Myers is known as one of the premier brands of bedding in the UK.


Firmness: Medium
Single Mattress Cost: From £229.00
Flipping Required: No
Contains Memory Foam: No

One of their best products is the Envoy mattress. This exceptional bed combines the superior qualities of memory foam with a high number of the company’s unique twin spring system. Read on to find out why this bed is so superior.

Why Choose Memory Foam Over a Conventional Mattress?

Perhaps the reason most consumers find they prefer a visco elastic, or memory foam, mattress over other materials is in the way that it supports every centimetre of the body.

A conventional innerspring mattress works by reacting to the weight of your body lying on it. The springs push from below, while gravity works from above, with your body caught in the middle. Circulation is restricted at the points where pressure is applied. This can be uncomfortable enough to disrupt sleep and in some cases, even cause severe pain.

Conversely, on a memory foam mattress, these pressure points are not given the opportunity to appear. That is because visco elastic moulds itself to your body. Air in the material is spread evenly across all points of contact, which provides a much more balanced support system.

And this is why, even though memory foam mattresses are generally more expensive than cage sprung units, consumers tend to prefer this newer material.

About the Envoy

The Envoy is one of the many models offered by Myers that includes a good thickness of memory foam in its construction. In fact, it uses 70 mm of visco elastic in addition to 650 of the company’s patented twin Backcare springs.

The Envoy mattress is available to buy from: Click on Mattresses >>

The combination of these two superior forms of support results in one of the most comfortable sleeping surfaces you will ever encounter, whilst also maintaining proper neck and spine alignment.

This mattress provides a medium to firm feel with a memory foam density of 55 kg/m. This is considered a high grade of memory foam which gives a sleeper the ultimate in pressure relief and natural body support.

With a beautifully micro-quilted top cover and no need to ever turn this mattress, the Envoy is part of a truly lovely and carefree bed.

Now that you know the real benefits of memory foam and the quality that comprises a Myers product, there is no reason not to replace your old bed with a new Envoy mattress.

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