Myers Duo Ortho Deluxe Mattress

The Duo Ortho Deluxe Mattress was created to give users a firm mattress that is still comfortable and responsive.


Firmness: Firm
Single Mattress Cost: From £149.00
Flipping Required: Yes
Contains Memory Foam: No

This is achieved by using a twin spring system – one set of springs are made from heavy gauge wire while the other set is made using a lighter wire. The heavy set of springs are on the bottom of the mattress in a single layer with the smaller set on top on another layer.

Together these will provide you with a mattress that is supportive and will change shape when weight is put on it. As the smaller springs can respond quickly users find that the surface of the mattress is always even.

The Duo Ortho Deluxe Mattress can be bought in 4 different sizes, all with next day delivery:

Myers Duo Ortho Deluxe MattressThe mattress contains soft fibre fillings which add to the depth and comfort. These will cushion your body and help you to drift off into a wonderful sleep each night.

The mattress itself is available in single, small double, double and king size and as they can be used on any bed base you can use the Duo Ortho with your existing frame for even more convenience.

To maintain the life span of the mattress it is a good idea to turn it over every few months. To assist you with this there are handles at the sides of the mattress to help you do this with ease.

With regular turning you will be able to significantly lengthen the life span of your mattress which is good news for anyone who wants a mattress that they can rely on for many years.

Key Features of the Duo Ortho Deluxe Mattress:

  • The mattress has a damask cover which is not only incredibly soft and sumptuous, it will also allow the mattress to breathe and reduce the build up of moisture inside it.
  • The mattress is hand tufted for extra support right to the edges.
  • The Duo Ortho is a generous 22 cm deep for the ultimate in luxury.
  • The mattress comes with a 12 year warranty for added peace of mind.
  • Provides users with a firm level of comfort which is perfect for supporting your body from head to toe throughout the entire night.
  • Mattress is double sided so it can be turned and still look its best.
  • Twin springs will provide even more support for improved posture during the night and a reduction in the pain that can be caused by mattresses that are too soft and which will bend and dip.

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  1. Firm, comfortable and a good price. Perfect!

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