Most Popular Snuggle Beds Mattresses

Snuggle Beds mattresses are very popular in the UK. This is because they offer a full line of reasonably priced beds, from the very economical, all the way on up to the more luxurious memory foam models.

No matter what room in the house you need a bed for or for what purpose you need it, there is a Snuggle beds mattress that is perfect for you and your budget.Snuggle Beds

“If you’re looking for a good quality and yet very cheap mattress then a Snuggle mattress is the perfect choice.”

Here are some of the more popular models available to buy online at the lowest prices:

Snuggle Damask Quilt – The Best-Selling Snuggle Mattress

The Snuggle Damask Quilt mattress uses John Cotton white fibre filling and a high density, removable pad covering 13 gauge open coil springs. The edges of the mattress are reinforced with rods to give full support throughout. With its great low price, this model regularly tops the Snuggle Beds bestseller’s chart.

The Cheapest Snuggle MattressSnuggle Eco – The Cheapest Snuggle Mattress

The Snuggle Eco mattress is the cheapest mattress from Snuggle Beds and you’ll do very well to find a cheaper mattress anywhere else online. At around £50 for a single Eco mattress, it’s an excellent solution for a guest room or bed.

Snuggle CharCOOL – The Famous Snuggle Range

After their low prices Snuggle is perhaps best known for its CharCOOL range of mattresses, and particularly the leading model from the range – the CharCOOL Gold.

This is a range of memory foam mattresses, but what sets these mattresses apart is that they’ve been designed specifically to keep you cool at night. Many people love the comfort of memory foam but find the material too hot – the CharCOOL range gives you the comfort but also keeps you cool throughout the night.

Charcool Mattress Range
Snuggle Cotton Classic

The Cotton Classic mattress is made with breathable, natural cotton fillings and air vents along the sides. Both of these features help the mattress stay fresh and the sleeper stay cool by whisking away moisture. It is constructed with 13.5 gauge springs and comes with a beautiful damask cover.

Snuggle Light

The Light model from Snuggle is perfect for a guest bedroom or a children’s room. This entry-level mattress fits into anyone’s budget, yet still includes the trademark quality construction the Snuggle Beds company is known for.

The newest Light model uses a lovely Mocca Stitchbond fabric cover with deep-quilted stitching and hypo allergenic fillings. Add the open coil spring system, and its great price is incredible, considering all these fabulous features are included.

Snuggle Pocket 1000

For a better quality mattress for the master bedroom, look to the Pocket 1000, which is constructed with 1,000 pocket springs (in the king size). The hypoallergenic fillings are hand tufted and covered by a luxurious, silky damask. Extra features such as air vents, vertical side stitching, and additional edge support to prevent two sleepers from rolling towards each other are also included.

Snuggle Bogart Memory Support

At the top of the line for Snuggle brands, the Memory Support mattress is the most luxurious models offered. Deep layers of visco elastic memory foam are covered by a faux suede that feels delightful to the touch. This is a great mattress for anyone with back problems since the memory foam conforms to the shape of the body and also reacts to body heat.

You will be amazed at the incredibly low prices you will find on these great mattresses, and delighted that next day delivery (to most areas of the UK) costs nothing.

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