Most Popular Sealy Mattresses

Why is Sealy such a popular mattress company in the UK? When they first became established in the country in 1974, they brought their unique innovation and construction technology which provides consumers with some of the best quality beds that can be bought anywhere in the world.

SealyIn fact, Sealy’s manufacturing processes are so advanced that they became, in 1995, the first bedding company to be awarded the Furniture Industry Research Association’s Gold Award for product excellence.

They have been named the local business of the year in Cumbria and awarded the designation of company of the year by the Duke of Westminster Awards.

If you are wondering what all the fuss is about, just take a look at these top selling Sealy mattresses:

What Makes Sealy Special – Posturepedic Memory Support

The Posturepedic system is perhaps Sealy’s most recognised feature. Along with a layer of reflex foam and the company’s patented posturepedic springs, this mattress provides the ultimate in supple spinal support. In their own words:

“Sealy Posturepedic has been specifically designed to eliminate tossing and turning caused by uncomfortable pressure points.”

The Posturepedic Memory Support system features hypoallergenic materials, luxurious upholstery, long guarantees, and no-turn construction (meaning that you don’t have to worry about flipping these mattresses).

The Millionaire Range – Sealy’s Most Popular Range

The Millionaire mattress range is so named because of its very sumptuous looks and feel. The range contains three models, with each model being completely different, meaning that one of the mattresses almost certainly matches your requirements.

  • The Millionaire Ortho Mattress (firm mattress) – the technology behind this mattress was created with the help of orthopaedic surgeons. Subsequently, it provides proper spine support without creating pressure points on the body.
  • The Millionaire Memory Mattress (medium to firm mattress) – this is the one to choose if you like sleeping on memory foam.
  • The Millionaire Luxury Mattress (soft to medium mattress) – as its name suggests, this is the mattress for comfort due to its 11 layers of fabulous fibre fillings.

Orthopedic Mattresses – Perfect For Your Back

Many Sealy mattresses provide the ultimate in firm support due to Sealy’s patented PostureTech spring system. Customers who prefer a very firm mattress often find that a mattress from Sealy is the best option.

Here are Sealy’s most popular mattresses which have been designed specifically for providing superior back support:

  • The Millionaire Ortho Mattress – we’ve already touched on this mattress above, and it’s the bestselling orthopedic mattress in the UK at present.
  • The Backcare Elite Mattress – as its name suggests, this is an elite mattress, one that you won’t be disappointed with.
  • The Backcare Firm Mattress – the model down from the Elite mattress above, we’d recommend going for the slightly improved Elite mattress as it’s only slightly more expensive.
  • The Jubilee Ortho Mattress – if memory foam is what you like but you also want an orthopedic mattress, then this mattress is the one for you. It is however slightly more expensive than the other Orthopedic mattresses above.

Find out why Sealy is such a popular mattress manufacturer by ordering one of these highly popular models today. With regular specials and guaranteed low pricing, these Sealy beds represent a great value for anyone.